Heavy Aluminum Cane

I love this aluminum cane, with its easy-to-grip turned Maple-wood handle. You want one, if you like this sort of thing. Behold, the Aluminum 3/8″ Spanking Cane:

More details:

aluminum cane

This is a cane without compromise. The Aluminum Spanking Cane has a beautiful handcrafted wooden handle with an antique charm. Sprouting from this handle is 30” of unbending ⅜” wide aluminum cylinder that refuses to bend or break! A modern cane with a trademark sense of nostalgia.

A nice, light thud will bring relaxing, warming sensation. A hard swing brings a sting that will not be soon forgotten. This rod exudes authority in appearance and sensation. Use it to direct, guide, seduce, and punish. Place in ice or hot water for an element of temperature play in your impact. This rod is heavy on the body and light in the hand. Add a touch of elegant severity to your collection!

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That Paddle’s So… Hexy!

Is your favorite spanko (or spankee) a gamer geek, or, perchance, a mathematician? If so, there’s a chance they’ll be as entranced by the hexes and triangles burned onto this sexy/hexy spanking paddle as they are by the spanking itself:

wooden spanking paddle with speed holes and pretty hex design

It’s not too soon, is it, to be thinking about holiday presents?

The paddle is the Natural Hex Spanking Paddle.

This handcrafted wooden paddle brings a standard of aesthetic function like no other. The Natural Hex paddle has an ornate hexagonal pattern burned into the spanking surface. This adornment frames each of the many speed-holes drilled through the paddle.

While thick and solid, this hand-carved piece has an easy, aerodynamic swing and a biting sting. Paint its surface pattern on flesh in tones ranging from a gentle, instantaneous pink to deep, merciless purples that fade over the course of days.

The beautiful design makes it as powerful a showpiece as it is a tool. Hand shaped plywood, natural finish. Length: 14″, width: 5.5″, thickness: 0.65″.

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That Electric Whip You’ve Always Wanted

Comic book super villains have them, Nazi interrogators have them, alien slavers have them. Why can’t we have them? I’m talking, of course, about an electric whip, that zaps while you whip! Formerly they haven’t been an article of commerce, but now at long last they are. Behold the Electro-Whip Neon Wand Attachment:

electric whip attachment for Neon Wand electrostim toy

As the name indicates, your long-awaited electric whip is an accessory for the Neon Wand electrostimulation toy (about which, my thoughts here) and it sounds rather promising:

The Electro Whip, our latest Neon Wand accessory, combines a classic 10-tail mini flogger with a connector that fits all models of the KinkLab Neon Wand, allowing the conductive black silicone falls of the flogger to become electrified, delivering a surprising shock along with the sting of the whip when used on your partner.

In comparison with typical glass electrode accessories, the materials used in the Electro-Whip greatly increase the intensity of the sensations created by the Neon Wand. At milder settings, however, its bite is reduced, making it an appealing toy for players of all experience levels. But be sure to exercise caution: At higher settings, this whip really packs a wallop!

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Twisted Monk Bondage Rope Kits

Not all spankos are into bondage and not all bondage aficionados enjoy a good spanking, but a bit of overlap is not uncommon. For many of us, bondage and spanking are two fun things to do at the same time, especially if your favorite spankee just won’t keep their hands out of the impact zone. But the thing about tying someone up is that how much fun it is (for them and for you) can depend enormously on (a) whether you know how to do it skillfully and (b) whether you’ve got good rope for the job.

And that is why I’ve been a fan for more than a decade of the extremely high-quality ethically-sourced hand-finished bondage rope from Twisted Monk. The stuff is smooth (but not too smooth!) and comes in every size and color you could want, plus Monk sells it in handy kits for every need and even packs it with an introductory “Getting Started” rope bondage DVD and a pair of emergency safety shears. I’m showing and linking here his Curiousity Kit (which is a good place to start if you’re just getting into bondage and want to try out his excellent rope) but you really need to check out his whole online catalog, his stuff is amazing!

curiousity starter kit bondage rope

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A Bundle Of Canes

They can call this a Rattan Cane Flogger all they want, but in my opinion its spiritual heritage is the birch:

rattan birch bundle

Sure, a proper birch bundle brings all kinds of scratchy twigs to the party, but it’s a bundle of thin rods first and foremost:

Want a lot of bang for your flogging bite? This rattan flogger is half-cane, half-flogger, all fun!

This Rattan Flogger is designed to serve up punishment with a huge dose of satisfying noise. Modeled after typical leather floggers, this is instead made from strands of rattan for a snap and thwack almost too good to be true. The ends are gathered together with a swirling wrap of knots from nylon paracord, creating a stylish look and, more importantly, a comfortable, non-slip grip for precision impact.

Rattan is strong and flexible, allowing it to remain intact with swift strikes without breaking or splintering. This Rattan Flogger creates intense, sharp stinging sensations, and is even suitable for light play. It makes a lot of noise for the impact generated.

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Short Riding Crop (In Use)

On the occasion of the impending Valentines holiday and new catalog photography from my favorite sex toy company, it only seems appropriate to once again draw attention to their Short Riding Crop, which has long been a favorite spanking implement of mine and which often gets discounted around this time of year. Enjoy this lovely new photo of the crop being put to good spanking use:


Other Spanking Blog favorite impact toys worth a fond Valentine remembrance include the Love Hurts aluminum heart-cutout paddle, the full-length version of the riding crop shown above, the rattan cane with suede handle, and the Tantus Plunge silicone spanking paddle. I’ve had more to say about all these toys in the past:

Have A Heart!
Buying Canes
My Favorite Riding Crop
Tantus Silicone Paddles

February 14 is just around the corner, so you should neither dilly nor dally! (Well, OK, maybe just a teeny bit of dalliance…)

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Daddy Needs A New Belt!

My favorite place to order spanking gear has added a new toy I think every spanking couple will want to have. This slapper/strap is styled after a good old-fashioned doubled-over leather belt. Available in black or brown, it’s called Daddy’s Belt and when it comes out, you know for sure that you’re on the naughty list tonight:

Daddy's belt spanking slapper strap

The maker explains:

Show them who’s the Daddy with this original design. A clever twist on the classic punishment belt, this slapper has a traditional belt buckle and loop, and 14 steel rivets holding the ends of the looped strap together as a handle. The strap makes a fear-inducing snap, when grabbed at both ends and quickly straightened. The strap is 1½” wide, and 17″ long in a loop.

daddy's belt spanking strap in brown or black leather

(You can see previous Spanking Blog toy recommendations here.)

Basic Riding Crop

The Basic Riding Crop is an inexpensive but well-made spanking toy that comes in a variety of colors. It’s also cheap enough that you can afford to buy multiple different-colored ones to go with your various outfits and costumes:


From the product description:

This equestrian essential is foundational to any kinky toy collection. Light, effective, and easy to use, this riding crop is a classy and classic kink tool.

The basic riding crop features a comfortable PVC handle (to assure a steady grip) and a leather wrist loop for hanging off a belt or wrist when the hands are otherwise occupied. The twenty-four-inch shaft keeps the user close to the action, but far enough away to get a good view. The crop is available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to accessorize for your outfit or the occasion as needed, while the leather slapper always makes its point with a simple flick.

See also: the Thriller Crop and the Seducer Crop.

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Martinet-Style Flogger

The “martinet” whip is ubiquitous in French fetish porn. I’ve been told that it’s also traditionally a mainstay of French domestic discipline: supposedly every household used to have one, and many a French person above a certain age could testify to a history of martinet whippings for childhood misbehavior. Which makes it surprising to me that I’ve never seen one for sale on this side of the Atlantic (although of course it’s been a few years since my path took me into a really good fetish shop or BDSM-convention vendor hall).

From what I can gather of the martinet, it’s simply a small whip — like this — with a round wooden handle and a modest bundle of fairly short tails. The tails might be cordage (rope) or leather strips, usually cut fairly narrow. This new flogger is not advertised as a martinet, and I think the reason is that its tails are too generous both in number and in width. The handle is what puts me in mind of the martinet, and that’s why I’m calling this a “martinet-style” flogger:

flogger with a martinet handle

According to the seller:

These luxurious bison leather floggers are available in your choice of red or black, and each comes with a highly polished chatoyance (aka granadillo) wood handle. The character of the wood is lighter than cocobolo, and when properly polished will refract light, creating a gorgeous color-changing effect when turned and examined in the light.

There’s no question that this flogger is gorgeous, but it also fares beautifully as a discipline tool. Bison is a heavy, dense leather that delivers a real wallop, especially when compared to lighter cowhide. For this reason, bison leather floggers tend to contain fewer falls than their deer and cowhide counterparts, but pack a punchier impact than the lighter, more stinging leathers.

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Heavy Aluminum Paddle: The Boss Of Your Bottom

This heavy aluminum paddle is named the El Jefe, for reasons that should be obvious:

thick heavy aluminium paddle

The maker writes:

Finally, a paddle for Tops who like to make sure their bottom knows who is boss. “El Jefe,” to be exact.

Weighing slightly more than two pounds, this particular paddle is precision CNC machined in the USA from a solid piece of 5/8” thick aircraft-grade aluminum and is not for the faint of heart. Best for mid-scene or finishing play, the unforgiving surface of this punishment device is brushed satin smooth.

Thoughtfully ventilated for extra smack and sting, the twelve perfectly drilled holes improve the chances of interesting post-play bruising and marks, so start slow and experiment with intensities and techniques.

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Purple Heart Crop

If you’re tired of “red red red” as a Valentines signifier this year, you might prefer the more-subtle BSM symbolism of the Purple Heart slapper crop:

purple heart spanking crop

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Latex Spanking Skirt

If you have never coveted the rubber spanking skirts (available in 10 colors!) from Syren Latex at the Stockrooom, isn’t it time to start?


The skirt, described:

Fashion meets kinky function with our Spanking Pencil Skirt. This slim lined, body hugging, stylish pencil-style skirt looks great with any latex top, or on its own. The back reveals an opening just right for a lovely bottom to be exposed. The nature of the rubber skirt enables flattering support and contour of the naked cheeks! There is also the added bonus of two zippers that run down the back center for easy dressing and undressing. Made of 14 gauge rubber.

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A Flogger Of Modest Size

Floggers are fun. But the big ones made out of quality leather? They smell awesome and are an amazing sensual treat overall, but they aren’t cheap, you need a lot of room (and physical fitness) to swing them, and sometimes using one feels more like a theatrical performance than an intimate kinky sexual moment. They have their place, and I would encourage anybody to have one in their toy bag. But for day to day, or the kinky beginner? They can be a bit much.

Enter the S&M Mini Flogger from Sportsheets. (The Sportsheets people have your back in matters of the wallet; they are also the ones who invented the handy, convenient, and inexpensive under-the-bed restraint system for kinksters who don’t have space or money to put in a furnished dungeon.) Mini floggers like this one are still very sensual and command visual attention, but they are short enough to carry in your purse or a small bag. Plus, this one only costs $9.99 at the time of writing:

mini flogger

As the catalog explains:

This Mini Flogger by Sportsheets is a great way to introduce light BDSM into the bedroom. With a small wooden handle and falls made of light, vinyl fabric, this toy can deliver a whisper-soft sensation or a lashing impact–the choice is up to you.

The compact body lets you keep it discreetly in a nightstand or to easily carry it around in a purse, tote, or carry-on luggage, ready for any time that an opportunity might present itself. All of the hardware is nickel-free and sturdy, and the handle has a comfortable grip to utmost ensure stability during play.

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Padded Spanking Bench

This steel-framed Padded Spanking Bench is just about the nicest spanking bench I have ever seen. I don’t have anywhere to put it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it:

padded spanking bench by metal bound

The sales description reads:

Spanking enthusiasts from a broad range of experience can enjoy MetalBound’s stylish Padded Spanking Bench covered in washable functional vinyl. Padded for comfort, the spanking bench includes knee rests to get the bottom at just the right angle for punishment. The polished steel frame is easily sturdy enough to stand up to the most enthusiastic squirming. If your partner does start to move a little more than you want, the frame has more than twenty attachment points where you can apply the proper restraint with rope, chains, cuffs, or whatever else suits your fancy.

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Electrify Your Spankings With The Zap Slap

This looks like fun: a studded paddle called the Zap Slap that functions in the nature of an accessory to something called the Zeus Digital E-Stim Unit:

electrified spanking paddle

I’m not sure anybody actually needs an electrified spanking paddle, but maybe as a gift for the dom who has everything?

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Slapper Crop

A post on ErosBlog reminded me to do my periodic check for new or discounted old-favorite spanking toys. There’s usually at least one, and this time it was the Slapper Crop:

the slapper riding crop

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Ball-Buster Paddle

paddle for busting balls and bruising breasts

Being a not-very-switchy type who doesn’t much enjoy my own experiences of pain, I feel I really must disapprove of the stated purpose for this long-handled fast-moving hard wooden “ball-buster” paddle. That limited striking/impact area will concentrate the smack-force, too, and the foam side doesn’t make me feel much better about it! However, as you read the catalog copy below, keep in mind that the paddle would be every bit as useful for the purpose of delivering severe breast spankings resulting in lovely round welts and bruises. Top men, keep that image firmly in mind as you read; you’ll feel better, and it might save you from clutching at yourself.

Turn him into a doting slave with the Ball Buster Paddle. Made of beautiful, polished Birchwood, this paddle is 16″ in length. Attached to one side of the paddling end is a 3″ diameter, ½” thick foam pad to lessen the sting a bit. Paddle has a long, leather loop on one end for hanging. You’ll love this paddle so much, you’ll want to bust his balls daily.

Here, let me fix that for you:

Turn her into a doting slave with the Breast-Buster Paddle. Made of beautiful polished birchwood, this paddle is 16″ in length. Attached to one side of the paddling end is a 3″ diameter, ½” thick foam pad to lessen the sting a bit. Paddle has a long, leather loop on one end for hanging. You’ll love this paddle so much, you’ll want to bust her boobs daily.

Isn’t that better? Momentary maledom/top panic: averted.

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Tantus Silicone Paddles

I have speculated before about the summertime merits of the high-quality (and heavy!) silicone spanking paddles from Tantus. It’s an impressive lineup of spanking toys!

I think the Tantus Plunge paddle (designed so that the handle is also a dildo) is clear proof that their designers understand how a spanking goes down at my house:

tantus plunge paddle with dildo handle

In regular spanking paddles, they’ve got a shape for every hand, and a favorite for every bottom:

tantus wham bam silicone spanking paddle

tantus pelt silicone spanking paddle

tantus snap strap silicone spanking paddle

tantus thwack silicone spanking paddles

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Extreme Heart Crop

Remember the Extreme Crop, which is made from a solid disk of very painful aluminum on a stainless steel rod shaft? Apparently it wasn’t romantic enough for some, because now it’s been updated in red for the hearts-and-flowers crowd as the Extreme Heart Crop:


The catalog copy reads:

For a heartfelt smack, the Extreme Red Heart Crop will deliver your message loud and clear! Made from aircraft grade aluminum, the red anodized heart tip will treat deserving derrieres with a love tap from as slight to as severe as you want. A stainless steel rod connects the heart to its equally strong aircraft grade aluminum handle, ensuring swift swings won’t cause any accidental snapping or breaking.

This 22 inches of metal is the very definition of tough love: cute enough for a Valentine’s Day treat, strong enough to last for years.

When you bring out this beauty and start smacking bottom cheeks with it, you just know your hopeless romanticism will be deeply appreciated!

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Rattan Rug Beater For Her Bottom

If you liked the notion of the steel carpet beater last winter, but thought it looked a little severe, you might enjoy the new Rattan Rug Beater:

otk spanking rug beater for bottoms

It’s a handy OTK version of the traditional long-handled carpet beater, but don’t let its convenient short size fool you: your sub will not be laughing at this spanking toy. The catalog copy says:

Sometimes unruly subs need to be spanked with something specially designed to expunge every last speck of disobedience out of them. The Rattan Rug Beater is designed to do exactly that. Modeled after a traditional teardrop-shaped carpet beater used to literally beat dirt and dust out of rugs, the Rattan Rug Beater is made from a single piece of rattan formed into a loop. The ends are beautifully tied together with a swirling wrap of knotted nylon paracord, creating a stylish look and, more importantly, a comfortable, non-slip grip for precision impact.

Rattan is strong and flexible, allowing it to be bent and shaped as well as remain intact through swift strikes without breaking or splintering. This toy creates intense, sharp stinging sensations, and is not recommended for beginning or light play.

See Also:

Black Leather Rug Beater

Behold the black leather Rug Beater:

black leather carpet beater

Want to add some kink to your Quaker lifestyle? Looking to spruce up those old-world domestic discipline scenes? Do it the new old-fashioned way with a black leather rug beater.

The solid 13″ handle is covered in soft, braided leather, topped with a beautiful turk’s head knob and a wrist strap. The business end is a 6″ tightly-braided loop that provides an intense, stinging welt with minimal effort.

This “old school” piece of equipment is a very serious pain-infliction tool and is not recommended for light play.

See Also:

Have A Heart!

I’ve blogged before about paddles designed for leaving “behind” designer welts. But never before have I seen one that looked as potentially painful or as effective at leaving behind the desired mark than this lovely red anodized-aluminum paddle with the huge heart-shaped cut-out. Applied hard to a cold bottom, I think it could be as effective as a stencil. Behold the “Love Hurts” Heart Paddle:

paddle for leaving a heart-shaped welt

The catalog copy says:

“Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks…” We believe those immortal words from Nazareth’s 70’s classic have never rung truer than now, with the new Love Hurts Heart Paddle.

Leave a lasting impression of your love with this sexy red paddle with an open heart cut-out in the middle. This paddle is made of solid aerospace-grade red-anodized billet aluminum! As you display your emotion in one swift strike, air will pass through the open heart as it connects to your lover’s bottom, allowing just enough skin to come through to leave a nice red imprinted heart like a kiss on their cheek.

A smooth black PVC cover over the handle ensures a firm grip so you can prove your love again and again.

See Also:

Steel Carpet Beater

Are you playing Santa Clause to someone seriously naughty this year? Is the traditional bundle of switches in her stocking just not severe enough to express your displeasure at another year of impishly bad behavior? Well, you are officially in luck! Because here’s just the item that will put her on the straight and narrow, starting first thing on Christmas morning:

a brutal carpet beater for spankings made from heavy steel aircraft cable

Yes, my sadistic friends, pictured is the Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater. It’s only fifteen inches long in total, so plenty useful in over-your-knee panties-down situations, and yet I don’t think there’s any risk that she’ll laugh at you — or at this nasty little carpet beater — after the spanking starts. The steel cable loop is encased in transparent plastic not easily visible in the photo, to enhance the sting and prevent errant pokey strands:

Lay down the law with the intimidating Ballistic Heavy Duty Rug Beater – expertly crafted to deliver the ultimate in discipline.

A steel cable runs through a clear plastic loop, optimizing each stroke with maximum sting – and your deserving sub or slave will be able to see exactly why it feels the way it does!

The ergonomically machined metal grip has finger grooves for a solid grasp so you can confidently deliver a ballistic beating in comfort, and is finished with a brushed satin look. This rug beater combines industrial aesthetics with pure utilitarian pain efficiency.

See Also:

Sexy Spankable Costumes

When it comes to dressing up for your spankings or your kinky Halloween parties, do you prefer to be the careless chambermaid? The wild prep school girl? The naughty nurse? Or must you always be the officer in charge of the interrogation?


Whatever your pleasure, in this season all of these kinky costumes are probably available from your favorite online adult shop. So get one today!

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Steel-Handled Aluminum Cane

I quite like metal impact toys, but Bethie’s rather less keen. Which is fine with me, as far as it goes. Still, I do not think it would go very far with this beautiful steel-handled aluminum cane:


Beatings don’t have to be ugly. Sex & Metal’s beautiful, sophisticated aluminum cane packs a wallop for the receiver, but since it is so lightweight, it has an ideal balance that makes it comfortable for the person wielding it.

Another special quality of this cane is that each powder-coated steel handle is handmade by a Sex & Metal artisan, guaranteeing that each one is unique and no two are alike.

See Also:

Colorful “Squid” Whips

Here’s a new item that I’ve not seen before. The “Squid” whips (available in flat or beaded colorful PVC) look to me like swimming pool toys for grownups:




See Also:

Give Her The Cat!

A genuine Cat O’ Nine Tails is not something you see every day at your local fetish shop, unless you live in a pretty kinky city. A cat that’s durably-made from high quality leather? Fuhgeddaboutit. With no cat o’ nine tails, what are you supposed to do when you’re role-playing a British Navy sailing-vessel captain and your long-suffering wife is stuck (again) with the role of mutinous cabin-girl? You’ve been using a bit of rope’s end, but it’s just not getting the job done; every date night she’s more mutinous than she was the week before.

Well, finally there’s a solution for your nautical whip deficit: the Shoroq Cat O‘ Nine Tails.


Unless the mutiny you seek to deter is already stirring, you’ll be wanting some more specifics:

This whip is made with fine heavily conditioned leather that is soft with the feel of garment leather yet thick like Latigo. The braids are constructed in perfect symmetry and soft like a suede flogger with a perfect round cord shape.

A blow from the Cat of Nine Tails is unique in that each tail spreads out to make contact at the same time making more surface contact with your target. Each tail is braided from 4 belts of soft leather and carries significantly more force because of that weight. This impact in combination with the weight deeply penetrates the tissue and affects the muscle underneath as well as the skin itself.

The tails of the whip braids have a complicated pattern of weaving and have no knots at their ends. This makes for a very smooth even strike with much more control after impact. The ends are finished with a slit and slip-through method for finishing the braid. Despite lacking knots, the whip does not untie and can take 500 hits on the bark of a tree. These whips are perfectly balanced and have the flight dynamic of a single tail whip.

This whip is great for BDSM impact play and is less likely to lacerate the skin than other nine tail whips as it has more of a thudding impact verses a sting.

See Also:

Brown Leather Flogger

This new Brown Leather Flogger really caught my eye. It’s only 21″ long (so it’s short enough for a novice to control easily) but it’s made of serious leather so it should have plenty of wallop:

brown leather flogger

According to the catalog copy:

This medium-length, finely crafted flogger feels nimble and lightweight, but delivers 15 thick strands of dark brown Highland Steer leather to the point of impact, and believe us, it packs quite a wallop!

Whenever your disobedient slave hears that distinctive whoosh, they can expect the sharp sensation of its lashes to soon follow. The flogger’s smooth, finished walnut wood handle fits easily in the hand, and has a sculpted phallic shape which may call to mind other uses.


Hard polished walnut handle, sturdy Highland Steer leather.

• Total Length: 21in/53.3cm

• Length of handle: 7.8in/19.8cm

• Diameter of grip: 1.25in/3.2cm

• Weight: 15.4oz/436.6g

Do want!

See Also:

Bamboo Cane

Here’s a cane to reckon with: the 36-inch bamboo canes.


I don’t have personal experience of this toy for the best reason, which is that Bethie doesn’t do bamboo. Before I knew her she had a bad experience with a cheap splintery bamboo cane, and the lesson she took from that was that “don’t use bamboo” was her new safety rule. I think that’s perhaps a bit of overcaution, but we’ve got so many spanking toys, it hasn’t exactly been much of a constraining limit. And in any case, this item isn’t your garden-variety splintery jumped-up tomato stake:

This beautifully handcrafted bamboo cane is anything but typical. It is thicker, heavier and more rigid than other canes of its type, making it closer to those used for official corporal punishment in countries like Singapore.

It is stiff enough to be used as a lightweight walking cane, making it multi-functional.

Length: 36″. Minimum diameter: 5/8″ (1.6 cm). There is a metal tip on the end.

Now, bend over!

See Also:

Red Leather Roses Flogger

braided leather flogger with leather rose tails for Valentines day

I always love Valentine’s Day online sex toy sales: every year there’s new kinky stuff in glorious red leather! This year it took me less than 10 seconds to fall in lust with the Seven Rose Flogger:

Have you ever wanted to beat the person you love with a bouquet of roses? This seven-tail whip features blood red leather roses braided onto the ends of the tails. The handle and tails are black and made from smooth finished leather. The tails have been braided tightly and compactly for an elegant and sexy look, capped with red leather roses, each about 2 inches wide, 2 inches deep and 5.5 inches in circumference.

A braided flogger is unique in that each tail spreads out to make contact at the same time, making for more surface area impact. Each tail is braided from 4 belts of soft leather. The tails of the 7 Rose Flogger are heavy and made of plush leather, which absorb the impact, making for a more gentle pummeling.

See Also:

Leather Spanking Skirt

leather spanking pencil skirt

I know several spanko girls who really enjoy the look of the latex pencil skirts with the cut-outs to display their bottoms for a spanking. It turns out that there’s a similar style in nice kinky leather spanking skirts (in red or black). Gentleman, don’t you think the lady you spank really needs one of these in her wardrobe?

See Also:

Aluminum Extreme Crop: Revenge Of The Lolly

Remember the Lolly Crop? This is what I wrote about it in my 2010 holiday spanking toy shopping guide:

This next item is a personal favorite. We bought it years ago, and I quite enjoy it. (I haven’t written about it, but Bethie has.) Plus, it’s red and looks like candy:

The Lolly Crop $55.00

Red lolly crop from the stockroom

This fun and naughty Lolly Crop gives resounding smacks that are as delicious as candy. This crop with a sense of humor is easy to aim, sturdy, flexible and looks fantastic. The bing cherry-red silicone disc on the business end has a 2 1/2″ diameter, and the whole crop is 21″ in length and 1/2″ thick. The shaft is made of carbon fiber and the handle is textured with black “o”ring material.

Well, that was then. This is now: the Extreme Crop, which looks like the exact same item, only it’s machined out of solid aluminum and stainless steel:

extreme lollypop crop made from aluminum and stainless steel

Bethie and I came to consider the Lolly Crop a fairly serious toy; it’s a bit innocuous at first but that heavy silicone disk delivers a lot of kinetic energy to a small area with excellent precision, so repetition gets painful very fast indeed. Aluminum is a lot harder (more sting I would assume) but it’s a fairly light metal, so I don’t know how the overall weight of the toys would compare. Here’s what the catalog copy has to say about the aluminum version:

Get ready for some extreme slapping with great ease. This striking metal implement is made of solid aluminum with a stainless steel stem. The handle is ribbed for a solid grip and the hefty lollipop-shaped slapper is anything but sweet.

You’ll be sure to keep your partner on their knees with a thorough slapping with this sturdy piece of equipment! The metal material of this toy also allows for temperature play to be incorporated into your beating fun.

See Also:

A Starter Flogger In Soft Black Suede

Whilst perusing floggers online one fine recent day, I found quite the deal. It’s a sort of starter flogger, a 24-inch whip with 26 tails of soft black suede. The Basic Suede Flogger is just $84.00, which is a bargain for a decent leather toy:

suede flogger

Fair warning, though; this may be your first flogger, but it won’t be your last. Floggers are an expensive vice, because no matter how many you have, you always want another one that’s longer, thicker, heavier, prettier, or made of better leather. You have been warned!

See Also:

The Spanking Strap

“Ladies, your masseur is ready for you now!” I know some of you would live at this spa, if you could only find it:

buff naked man holding a big leather spanking strap

I found this on a Tumblr, but it’s actually the advertising photo for “The Strap”. In its original location, the photo has not been snipped. Nor, for that matter, has the man.

See Also:

The Asp Bullwhip

I try not to look at fancy whips online. Honestly, I do. Not only do Bethie and I have more impact toys than we know what to do with, but whips are expensive. I only have a couple (whipping is not really our thing) but I can’t justify buying more that I’m not really going to use all that much.

That said? The Asp Bullwhip managed to get under my somewhat feeble anti-consumerism defenses. I don’t need it, but I sure want it:

asp bullwhip

First of all, that cute little snaky slapper-snapper head really caught my eye. I knew a girl in college who really loved her some snakes. With this, I could have recruited her to the legions of kink inside of seven minutes. (Well, a guy in my position who knew what I know now could have done it. Me, I was too young and stupid.)

But the other thing about bullwhips is, most of them are so long you need forty acres and an air traffic controller just to use them. This one is short (just 32.5 inches) and looks like it would be very friendly to use. The catalog copy says:

The Asp is the tried and true classic bullwhip with a sinister and playful twist! The shaft of the whip consists of tightly woven jet black leather braids with a thick sturdy handle for grip and decorative tassels where the shaft meets the base. An attractive braided and tasseled wrist loop is attached to the handle for easy storage as well. What makes this bull whip so special is what lurks at the end of the tapered tip; a flat black 1.5“ wide crop-style snake head with two black split tongue-like leather tails for a slap and crack your submissive won’t soon forget! The compact size of this whip makes it perfect for easy handling and use in small spaces.

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Pump Her Up!

So I was still musing about Sharon Green’s “spanking and butt plug” fetish when I saw this pink inflatable dildo online:

pink inflatable dildo and butt plug

Perhaps not as perfect-for-purpose as a genuine butt plug (which wouldn’t have any dangling tubing to wrangle with), but it’s said to be “great for vaginal and anal training” and the notion of giving the bulb another squeeze to increase “sensation” has a lot of appeal. But, if it’s a true butt plug you’re after, they aren’t hard to find, and they’re sized to be a lot more practical for beginner-level anal play:

red anal plugs

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Short Riding Crop

The Short Riding Crop has been a Spanking Blog favorite since forever:

short riding crop

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Clyster Enema Syringes

Enemas and spankings are two butt-oriented kinks that very commonly go together, but I’ve never posted too much enema stuff here at Spanking Blog. Still, I’ve read enough vintage porn to be familiar with the stock character of the sadistic Teutonic nurse at the reform school for girls. Her clyster (or klyster) enema syringes of gleaming metal are always larger, colder, and less lubricated than a poor naughty girl would have supposed was possible!

But now? Check out these oh-so-traditional clyster enema syringes, made of chromed brass, in three sizes:

chromed brass enema clysters

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Give ‘Er Da Boot!

This is a clever clever paddle, and one I very much wish I had. Behold, the Jackboot Paddle:

boot sole rubber paddle

From the sales info page:

Give them the boot! The Raging Stallion Jackboot Paddle packs a wallop, leaving a distinct impression; a rubber boot sole, size 14, on one side of this 18-inch oak paddle means one solid smack leaves a classic boot-bottom imprint on the ass of the receiver. This spanker is very effective, and you need not even lift your own feet off the floor while spanking that naughty bottom. This clever spanker’s smooth and slightly rounded edges thoughtfully include a black rubber-coated grip to protect your own hands from chafing as you turn those cheeks cherry red.

It’s the oak backing that makes this thing so impressive — it’s got to have an amazingly solid swat!

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Fuzzy Paddles

I try hard not to spam you good folks with links to all the stuff that I like/want from my favorite sex toy seller, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention they have an excellent pre-Christmas sale going this year [2011 – Ed.]. Not only is a ton of stuff sharply marked down (like this fuzzy Gentle Persuasions paddle, in five colors, but during the sale you also get free shipping on all orders over $69:

fuzzy soft paddle

Don’t worry, it’s also got a traditional black leather side so you can remind her it’s a spanking and not a spa treatment!

Also on sale, and not to be missed:

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The Neon Wand

I hope you’ll pardon a crass commercial message, but I really am excited about this new product in a way I haven’t been in a while, and I can’t wait for mine to get here. I’m talking about the Kinklab Neon Wand:

neon wand electrosex toy

Bethie and I own a Violet Wand, which is the 19th century quack medical plasma device much loved by kinksters everywhere for its unique tingly-zappy sensations that range from faint tickling all the way up to “ouch-goddammit” pain depending on how you use it and which attachments you put where. Ours is of more modern construction, but it’s to the venerable design — which means it’s big and heavy and clunky and very, very expensive, plus it comes in a bulky plastic clamshell equipment case like an early-1980s video camera. Where are we gonna put that in a small place? Ours wound up in deep storage, sadly, and I haven’t seen it in several years.

The nifty thing about the new Neon Wand is that it has a 21st century redesign, making it smaller and lighter, with solid-state electronics. And it’s enormously cheaper! The reviews also suggest it’s slightly more mild in the sensations it puts out, which should be a feature for all but the most sensation-seeking of players.

Electricity play isn’t for everyone, but plasma wands are actually quite a lot of fun. It’s a real treat to see a modern one finally come on the market.

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The Black Paddle

I’ve long been a fan of the gorgeous lush photos by Steve Diet Goedde that used to illustrate the paper BDSM toys catalog from JT’s Stockroom. I just stumbled over this example:

black paddle with holes from the stockroom as modeled by kyra and kiki

The models are Kyla Cole, Kiki Klement, and the famous 18″ black paddle that I once recommended for Paris Hilton’s ass.

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Hardwood Ruler Paddles

Bethie and I have so many wooden toys that normally, the idea of another one is ho-hum at best. Been there, swatted with that, or with something so close to it, she couldn’t tell the difference.

But these narrow hardwood “ruler” paddles look different. Specifically, they look light enough to get used a lot, controllable enough to spank the same spot a lot of times, and heavy/solid enough to cause a lotta-lotta sting.

hardwood ruler paddles

A genuine old-school oak-hardwood school ruler might be similar, but it’s tough to find one of those that doesn’t have sharp edges or corners, or a metal straight edge, or splinters. (And there’s no good way to hold it that doesn’t eventually make my hand start to hurt a little, he said woefully, expecting pity and sympathy…)

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Buying Canes

After several recent questions in the comments about a good place to buy canes, I thought it would be appropriate to share my own favorite place to buy BDSM gear of all kinds. They have classic crooked rattan canes as well as straight rattan canes with a wrapped suede handle (pictured above, and my favorite because I find them easier to hold and steer).

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The Zapper: An Electric Spanking Paddle

So I have been teasing Bethie about buying her that electric bug-zapper spanking toy they call The Zapper:

Princess Kali spanking Sara Tonen with the electric bug zapper spanking paddle

The kinky gear experts at a place that used to sell this paddle make it sound pretty mean:

These zapper paddles are constructed of lightweight plastic and aren’t well-suited for heavy swats, but can be used lightly and don’t require any force once the electricity is flowing. These paddles put out an intense spark and will probably mainly appeal to heavier players…

a closeup of a hard spanking with the electric bug zapper paddle

The pictures are from a Whipped Ass photoshoot where you can see the zapper paddle in heavy use. (It turns out that Princess Kali had already pre-warmed Sara Tonen’s bottom with another implement before the zapper paddle came out, as you can see here).

When I went looking for movies of this scene, all I could find was this one tiny clip, but it’s worthy: Sara whimpers impressively as she’s shocked with the paddle.

However, I also found this shoot from Men In Pain where Princess Kali used one of these zapper paddles on a submissive man named Wild Bill, and managed to get quite an amazing reaction out of him! Big strong man he may be, but Wild Bill just cannot stop shouting and drumming his toes on the floor and twitching like a maniac.

Somewhere Thomas Edison is smiling in his grave.

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