The Neon Wand

I hope you’ll pardon a crass commercial message, but I really am excited about this new product in a way I haven’t been in a while, and I can’t wait for mine to get here. I’m talking about the Kinklab Neon Wand:

neon wand electrosex toy

Bethie and I own a Violet Wand, which is the 19th century quack medical plasma device much loved by kinksters everywhere for its unique tingly-zappy sensations that range from faint tickling all the way up to “ouch-goddammit” pain depending on how you use it and which attachments you put where. Ours is of more modern construction, but it’s to the venerable design — which means it’s big and heavy and clunky and very, very expensive, plus it comes in a bulky plastic clamshell equipment case like an early-1980s video camera. Where are we gonna put that in a small place? Ours wound up in deep storage, sadly, and I haven’t seen it in several years.

The nifty thing about the new Neon Wand is that it has a 21st century redesign, making it smaller and lighter, with solid-state electronics. And it’s enormously cheaper! The reviews also suggest it’s slightly more mild in the sensations it puts out, which should be a feature for all but the most sensation-seeking of players.

Electricity play isn’t for everyone, but plasma wands are actually quite a lot of fun. It’s a real treat to see a modern one finally come on the market.

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  1. Collarsmith commented on September 1st, 2011:

    If the package tracking is correct, I should have mine by late morning tomorrow.

  2. Tabitha commented on September 2nd, 2011:

    I spotted this through a post on Eros Blog and after a bit of research I purchased one.

    It was worth it, became a favorite toy almost immediately (for him).

    I hid it and so far he hasn’t been able to either find it or make me tell him where it is. It is the weekend, so I am expecting a greater effort on both fronts.

  3. Cranky Spanker commented on September 2nd, 2011:

    It seems that this would be quite painful. Just what do you actually use it for?

  4. SpankBoss commented on September 3rd, 2011:

    Dunno who you were wanting an answer from, Cranky. We’ll see what Tabitha says, but I used the Violet Wand version for sensation play. The spark tickles, crackles, tingles, and yes it can hurt — but we don’t really have a very good vocabulary for the sensations of extreme static electricity. It doesn’t have to be painful at all, but it can be in sadistic hands.

    So, you’ve got a toy that can inflict pain or pleasure depending on how you use it. It’s visually intense, and it’s likely to be a new experience for the recipient. Lots of people enjoy novel sensations as part of their kinky sex play … they use bits of fur, claw gloves, lengths of cold steel chain, ice cubes, steel wool, whatever. This is just another tool in that toolbox.

  5. Emanuele Lombardi commented on September 3rd, 2011:

    Thank you so much for that! It does sound like there is potential for interesting play other than just inflicting pain.

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