Girl/Girl Martinet Whipping

Much as I enjoy this posed “French Postcard” whipping scene, and as cute as the models may be, the thing I really lust after in this picture is the portable pillory. The fun we could have!

vintage whipping

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  1. Simon commented on June 11th, 2005:

    That’s no portable pillory: it’s an artist’s easel.
    Trust me on this, I’m an artist… I’ve also got more of that series, and she’s definitely tied up to an easel.
    We’re not allowed to treat our models like that these days!
    Bad news: in the UK that type of easel is now over £100, say $200.
    Good news: available in a range of sizes and styles at your nearest art supplier.

  2. lotte commented on June 11th, 2005:

    I was just going to say the same thing as Simon. However in the U.S. if you look you can find them for a bit less (Ebay)

  3. silverspanker commented on July 21st, 2013:

    portable pillory… rofl… its just an easel for painters.. you can get some in any good art supplies shop (take the bigger one). Enjoy

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