Pain Toy

PainToy is a tiny little hard-core whipping and pain studio by Alebeard, a nutty sadist from the Pacific Northwest who delights in putting the most outrageous welts and bruises on the alternative/hippy-chick pain-loving submissives who fall into his clutches. This is serious pain play, that’s over the top for a great many of the people in Spanking Blog’s core audience. But if you like the combination of intense pain play and Seattle-granola style, you’ll really love Paintoy.

Sample Paintoy Photo:

pain toy Thorin paddled hard and in tears

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Bondage Blog writes in a post called Bound And Whipped Breasts:

I like the way the tight breast bondage makes this poor girl’s breasts spring up perkily in sharp focus, catching the eye before the mind fully registers the out-of-focus flying single-tail whip. The slightly sullen, slightly resigned expression on the Paintoy model’s face is also, in my opinion, a classic.

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