Spanking, With Butt Plug

Here’s an account of a butt plug used to help a young lady maintain focus, so she won’t enjoy her punishment spanking too much:

After twenty spanks at a moderate pace, my buttocks were feeling prickly. Rick
has a strong hand and it doesn’t take much to get my bottom burning when he’s
on the job! By the time I requested spank number twenty, I was panting and my
counts were more or less shouted out. I knew I was squirming and could feel
his hardness pressing against my hips, but he held me firmly in place.

Then what I feared most happened. He told me to stop counting. I knew what
that meant.

Rick would usually stop part way through my spankings to “check his little girl
for naughty thoughts,” as he put it. I felt him bend over as his right hand
parted my ass cheeks and thighs. I could feel his breath on my whispy tuft of
hair covering my pussy lips as his fingers wiggled their way to my little slit.
I heard him chuckle as his finger probed my womanhood and then withdrew…very
wet indeed!

“I see my little girl is taking perverse delight in her punishment again,

I tried to bury my head and not answer, but a sharp spank on my bottom brought
me back to the present.

“Well, young lady, seeing as how you’re enjoying your spanking so much, I’m
going to make sure you keep your mind focused where it’s supposed to be!” he

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I knew it would certainly get
my attention, no matter what. Rick was quite creative when it came to my
spankings….and I knew this time would be no different.

I felt him stretching as if he were reaching for something. I felt him spread
my butt cheeks wide apart with his fingers, and immediately sensed the tip of
his other finger with something slippery and cool on it touch the center of my
little brown button. I clenched up. Just as my anus relaxed, I felt his
finger tip slide gently into my anus….then push steadily up into my rectum.

“Relax and remain still, my pet. I’m just lubricating you so my butt plug will
slip in nice and easy,” he explained.

‘BUTT PLUG?!’ I thought incredulously. My God, he can’t be doing this!

“Oh please, Sir, puleeeze…not the butt plug. I’ll never be able to face you
again. Please don’t embarrass me like this. I promise I’ll be good and take
the rest of my spanking well for you!” I pleaded. It obviously had no effect,
as Rick ignored my begging and continued twisting and flexing his finger inside
me, making sure that I was thoroughly slicked up for what was to come.

His finger finally slid out and my anus closed around it, returning to its
normal diameter. I relaxed for just a second before I felt my cheeks being
spread once again. This time, the sensation against my brown crinkle was
colder…and I knew that this was the butt plug I had been promised. I hung my
head low and scrunched up my face as I waited in anticipation for my asshole to
be violated.

“Relax, honey. It will go in much easier if you don’t resist it,” Rick
thoughtfully explained.

I tried to relax my bottom cheeks as the tapered end of the soft rubber plug
began dilating my tight little anus on its way inside. I felt it get wider and
wider, until it reached the end where my anus gripped down around the narrower
detent at the end. I felt him tug it slightly to make sure it was seated

“Now we’re ready to finish your punishment for today, Miss Naughty. I trust
you will be concentrating on what brought you here today for the rest of our
session, won’t you?” Rick inquired.

“Y…yes, Sir,” I said simply, being at a complete loss for words at this

“You may continue the count, then.”

I clenched my ass down around the butt plug as I prepared for the new onslaught
of spanks.

‘Twenty-one!” I almost shouted.


From Gabrielle’s Spanking — author unknown.

  1. Sheila commented on January 6th, 2008:

    Loved this description. I am a gay woman who adores punishment and I have often had a plug inserted prior to being caned. The caning is made more exciting and just sometimes my mistress will cane directly onto the plug. It is a totally different feeling from the cut of the cane on my cheeks or upper legs. A strong and dull pain is sent all the way into me and makes me cry even if I am not as a result ot the normal caning. I have ached for hours after such an experience and would urge any sub woman who likes to feel what has been done to her afterwards to play this way.

  2. gina commented on January 14th, 2008:

    I have had to hold the plug in as well. Sometimes Master will also insert a dildo inside my pussy as well.

    But normally, if I have have become too wet for his liking after my punishment, I will have to recieve a punishment fucking to follow it up. If I can stay dry enough he will just insert the plug afterwards and make me suck him off. Normally I can not stay dry.

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