Rattan Rug Beater For Her Bottom

If you liked the notion of the steel carpet beater last winter, but thought it looked a little severe, you might enjoy the new Rattan Rug Beater:

otk spanking rug beater for bottoms

It’s a handy OTK version of the traditional long-handled carpet beater, but don’t let its convenient short size fool you: your sub will not be laughing at this spanking toy. The catalog copy says:

Sometimes unruly subs need to be spanked with something specially designed to expunge every last speck of disobedience out of them. The Rattan Rug Beater is designed to do exactly that. Modeled after a traditional teardrop-shaped carpet beater used to literally beat dirt and dust out of rugs, the Rattan Rug Beater is made from a single piece of rattan formed into a loop. The ends are beautifully tied together with a swirling wrap of knotted nylon paracord, creating a stylish look and, more importantly, a comfortable, non-slip grip for precision impact.

Rattan is strong and flexible, allowing it to be bent and shaped as well as remain intact through swift strikes without breaking or splintering. This toy creates intense, sharp stinging sensations, and is not recommended for beginning or light play.

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