Give Her The Cat!

A genuine Cat O’ Nine Tails is not something you see every day at your local fetish shop, unless you live in a pretty kinky city. A cat that’s durably-made from high quality leather? Fuhgeddaboutit. With no cat o’ nine tails, what are you supposed to do when you’re role-playing a British Navy sailing-vessel captain and your long-suffering wife is stuck (again) with the role of mutinous cabin-girl? You’ve been using a bit of rope’s end, but it’s just not getting the job done; every date night she’s more mutinous than she was the week before.

Well, finally there’s a solution for your nautical whip deficit: the Shoroq Cat O‘ Nine Tails.


Unless the mutiny you seek to deter is already stirring, you’ll be wanting some more specifics:

This whip is made with fine heavily conditioned leather that is soft with the feel of garment leather yet thick like Latigo. The braids are constructed in perfect symmetry and soft like a suede flogger with a perfect round cord shape.

A blow from the Cat of Nine Tails is unique in that each tail spreads out to make contact at the same time making more surface contact with your target. Each tail is braided from 4 belts of soft leather and carries significantly more force because of that weight. This impact in combination with the weight deeply penetrates the tissue and affects the muscle underneath as well as the skin itself.

The tails of the whip braids have a complicated pattern of weaving and have no knots at their ends. This makes for a very smooth even strike with much more control after impact. The ends are finished with a slit and slip-through method for finishing the braid. Despite lacking knots, the whip does not untie and can take 500 hits on the bark of a tree. These whips are perfectly balanced and have the flight dynamic of a single tail whip.

This whip is great for BDSM impact play and is less likely to lacerate the skin than other nine tail whips as it has more of a thudding impact verses a sting.

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