Aluminum Extreme Crop: Revenge Of The Lolly

Remember the Lolly Crop? This is what I wrote about it in my 2010 holiday spanking toy shopping guide:

This next item is a personal favorite. We bought it years ago, and I quite enjoy it. (I haven’t written about it, but Bethie has.) Plus, it’s red and looks like candy:

The Lolly Crop $55.00

Red lolly crop from the stockroom

This fun and naughty Lolly Crop gives resounding smacks that are as delicious as candy. This crop with a sense of humor is easy to aim, sturdy, flexible and looks fantastic. The bing cherry-red silicone disc on the business end has a 2 1/2″ diameter, and the whole crop is 21″ in length and 1/2″ thick. The shaft is made of carbon fiber and the handle is textured with black “o”ring material.

Well, that was then. This is now: the Extreme Crop, which looks like the exact same item, only it’s machined out of solid aluminum and stainless steel:

extreme lollypop crop made from aluminum and stainless steel

Bethie and I came to consider the Lolly Crop a fairly serious toy; it’s a bit innocuous at first but that heavy silicone disk delivers a lot of kinetic energy to a small area with excellent precision, so repetition gets painful very fast indeed. Aluminum is a lot harder (more sting I would assume) but it’s a fairly light metal, so I don’t know how the overall weight of the toys would compare. Here’s what the catalog copy has to say about the aluminum version:

Get ready for some extreme slapping with great ease. This striking metal implement is made of solid aluminum with a stainless steel stem. The handle is ribbed for a solid grip and the hefty lollipop-shaped slapper is anything but sweet.

You’ll be sure to keep your partner on their knees with a thorough slapping with this sturdy piece of equipment! The metal material of this toy also allows for temperature play to be incorporated into your beating fun.

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  1. calliope commented on December 5th, 2013:

    Perfect timing! Tomorrow is St Nicklaustag, When you are supposed to put your shoes or boots outside the door and see if you get candy and toys- or coal and a switch for being naughty!

    *sigh* I hope I get a switch…

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