Spanking Makes It Hard

So DirtyTalkinGirl writes:

For those odd times when M has a little, um, difficulty getting hard, he’s discovered a sure-fire, side-effect-free cure that doesn’t come in a pill-bottle.

He spanks me.

No kidding. In the time it takes him to deliver a dozen to fifteen stinging slaps to my arse, he goes from doughy to doughty, without my having to lift a finger or curl a tongue.

And I’m thinking: “Well, duh….”

Usually in my case, I’ve been hard and she’s already been spanked, but what with one thing and another, a fellow can sometimes flag by the time docking maneuvers commence. I like spanking her inner thighs (they’re handy) when that happens. She squeals and protests most prettily, and my inner cad usually pops right back up on deck.

No, she really doesn’t like being spanked there — well, not as much as she likes getting spanked on her bottom anyway.

I think that’s part of why it works so well.

The short riding crop also works very well for this purpose, if it happens to be handy.

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