Bamboo Cane

Here’s a cane to reckon with: the 36-inch bamboo canes.


I don’t have personal experience of this toy for the best reason, which is that Bethie doesn’t do bamboo. Before I knew her she had a bad experience with a cheap splintery bamboo cane, and the lesson she took from that was that “don’t use bamboo” was her new safety rule. I think that’s perhaps a bit of overcaution, but we’ve got so many spanking toys, it hasn’t exactly been much of a constraining limit. And in any case, this item isn’t your garden-variety splintery jumped-up tomato stake:

This beautifully handcrafted bamboo cane is anything but typical. It is thicker, heavier and more rigid than other canes of its type, making it closer to those used for official corporal punishment in countries like Singapore.

It is stiff enough to be used as a lightweight walking cane, making it multi-functional.

Length: 36″. Minimum diameter: 5/8″ (1.6 cm). There is a metal tip on the end.

Now, bend over!

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  1. Headmaster commented on March 22nd, 2014:

    I once had a 36″, 5/8″ diameter, J-handled bamboo cane and found it so rigid as to be almost useless as an implement of correction. I now have a very swishy rattan model of the same dimensions, and achieves magnificent results every time.

    Incidentally, I believe the implement used in Singapore and Malaysia (known as a rotan) is also rattan. It is longer and thicker than the school cane described above.

  2. sixofthebest commented on March 23rd, 2014:

    A treasured cane is worth its weight in gold. Yes, when used upon a naughty woman’s bare bottom, it’s a pleasured treasure. Be it 6, 12, or 25 strokes given to her across her knicker less naked rear end.

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