Black Toys For Black Friday

Since this is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of 2008, I went online to see what looked good.

I was delighted to see the wide-ended basic black riding crop — it’s the best crop I’ve ever had in my hands, because it goes from gentle tapping to serious thwacking based on a minor and easily controlled variations in how much swing I put into it. Plus, it lands right where I want it to go.

(This is the crop we had to get another one of, after this.)

To be honest, I get even more use out of the short version, because it fits in a travel bag and is controllable enough to use on Bethie’s breasts and nipples when we’re gettin’ busy and she needs a quick reminder about who’s in charge. But the long version is essential if you want a crop that can give punishment or pleasure, variably, at your whim.

Here’s Bethie writing about the short crop:

Last night while he was working on the computer, I laid down next to him and made a big show of taking off my bra and massaging the areas where the underwire cut into me.

Of course, Dan took the bait and rewarded my efforts with several hard nipple pinches before reaching in his desk drawer for the small riding crop. I like that he keeps that thing handy. He spanked my tits with the crop and I loved every second of it.

Dan finished off by giving me a couple of hard ones right on my nipples and I laughed out loud. I don’t know why I do that. Intense play which should make me yelp makes me laugh sometimes. I don’t care though and Dan likes it.

It was short and sweet but my nipples stung nicely for quite a while. Gotta love that!

Other enticements were old favorites in the category I like to call “serious bondage for bondage idiots” (which would be me). I am referring to the simple spandex hoods with built-in blindfolds (one with a mouth hole for when you might need a blowjob, one without).

spandex hood

They just slip on like a ski mask, no messing with buckles and straps and no worries about collar tightness at the neck, and you can breath through them just fine, so no worries there; plus they come off instantly if the hoodee panics when you aren’t wanting that. They look nifty, especially if your girl has been trying to control you with pouting and remonstrative looks. But, best of all from my spanker perspective, they are utterly effective as blindfolds, with no peeking possible. No more will she get away with cheating at your game of “guess the instrument”! I love these things, end of story.

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  1. Girl commented on November 28th, 2008:

    I do not like these. No pouting? No remonstrative looks? No peeking!? Take all the fun out of being a brat why don’t you!

  2. SpankBoss commented on November 28th, 2008:

    Not all of it … just all of it for certain specific periods of time. ;-)

  3. Spanky commented on November 29th, 2008:

    I like the looks of the crop, and actually the hood too although I don’t consider myself a bondage idiot. I don’t think Kallisto would go for it though.

  4. Thoughtful Spanker commented on November 29th, 2008:

    But Girl just imagine this possible scene;

    You are lightly restrained in place in a favorite free style (non contact OTK) position, wearing one of these hoods. The room is very quiet, save for they occasional sound of a drawer or toy box opening. A stocking footed Dom approaches stealthily, sometimes with caresses of your bare waiting bottom, but often with the random spank of a random implement. Sounds don’t always mean a spank, caress or even an approach, sometimes it will be both in rapid alternation, often a series of spanks with the same implement. Never really knowing where your Dom spanker is, or what he’s up to. Sounds delicious to me, a low impact scene spanking wise, it could go on for hours if both found it enjoyable, though I could see where a latex hood might get uncomfortable if employed for too long.

  5. Girl commented on November 29th, 2008:

    Oh well since both of you are soooo comforting about the use of this… devince… I suppose I should remove my objections. But I won’t. You’re simply employing that nasty nasty trait Doms have to /convince/ us subs that “no really, you’ll like it.”

    Trickery and lies.

    ;-) As always Thoughtful Spanker (does twice count as always?) you’re ever so helpful lol!

  6. Sekhmet commented on November 29th, 2008:

    A blowjob and no openings for the nostrils? I think those subs will soon need an “blowjob” by some rescue party :-)))

  7. SpankBoss commented on November 29th, 2008:

    Thoughtful, we’re talking about “Spandex” — that thin stretchy breathable fabric that exercise clothing is made out of — rather than latex (rubber). So, no more uncomfortable, and perhaps less, than having a thin knit hat pulled down over your face. A little warm, a little close, but not very much of either. Just… dark.

    Sekhmet, you can breath through your nose and through the fabric, albeit with just a smidge more effort than usual.

    Girl, that’s how we getcha! ;-)

  8. flora commented on November 30th, 2008:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who sometimes laughs at intense play. Spankboss, would you consider doing a post about this sometime?

  9. Shiraz commented on December 2nd, 2008:

    I own that very hood – I like it a lot but my husband calls it “Abu Ghraib.” He also prefers blindfolded blow jobs where he can see the face.

  10. Reader Questions About Whips And Canes And Switching - Spanking Blog commented on October 20th, 2010:

    […] luxury or top of the line, but solidly built for a fair price. Their short-handled crop is a particular favorite of mine, and has seen hard use (especially since we lost the long one). I also have had good luck […]

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