Spanking Blog Archive for October, 2003

Spanking, Sex, and The Wandering Hand

How come spanking porn is usually so asexual? No, seriously. For a lot of folks spanking is foreplay, we all know it. He spanks her bottom, she writhes and wriggles and gets hot in more ways than one, she starts to say “Please stop, oh please stop, I’ll do anything….” And from there it’s like the old poem says: “She offered her honor, he honored her offer, and all through the night he was on her and off her.”

Uh, where was I?

Right, spanking and sex. It’s far too rare to see any spanking porn that shows that next step, or even hints at it. Which is why I like this gallery from Bad Tushy. The “girlfriend” (although in the real world she wouldn’t be one, not for long) comes in late, drunk and full of false tales to explain herself. He reacts like this:

naughty girlfriend gets spanked

and before you know it, they are doing this:

the after-spanking sex

We all know where that right hand is, and what it’s doing….

(Thanks to Spank Slaves for the gallery link.)

Anime Caning

Nothing like a couple of toons about to enjoy a little discipline:

a japanese cartoon caning

Enforcing Workplace Decorum

More fun from Mike & Michelle:

Then at work, a day full of somewhat obscene instant messages. Very very nice.

Once we got home, within 15 minutes of each other for a change, she made a confession. At work, overcome by temptation during one of our kinkier exchanges, she made herself cum.

Frankly, I was shocked.

Therefore I think I was absolutely justified in bending her over my knee and spanking her with a wooden spoon, followed by me getting annoyed when she wouldn’t say she was sorry for cumming at work and whacking her on the ass with a book. A hardcover book.

But of course! What an outrageous breach of proper workplace decorum! Whatever will people think?

An Opportunity For Comparison


Over on La Fesse the other day, Invidia enthused about a very nicely laid set of caning stripes. Teasing ensued, as we accused her of making (dare I say it?) Invidious comparisons, being jealous of the model depicted, and disparaging The Boss’s caning skills. In short, we were making shit up and trying, with the best of humor, to get Invidia in trouble with The Boss.

Of course we failed miserably. If he read the comments at all, he didn’t let on.

Fortunately, Invidia is better at getting Invidia in trouble than we are. She accordingly took care of that important business her own self (scroll down if you have to for the October 29 Memo). To make a good long story short, The Boss got to play with his wicked purple cane again, and, to hear him tell it, left Invidia “sporting some new stripes”.

Well now. What better opportunity could we have for Invidia to clear the cloud she has created upon The Boss’s honor and caning prowess? It’s obvious that a photographic comparison is in order. There’s nothing for it but to provide a photograph of the stripes in question. It’s the done thing.

My work here is done. I’m off to sleep the untroubled sleep of the just.

You Need A Spanking…

…and you know it:

You need a spanking - comic postcard

Isn’t this a lovely spanking postcard by artist “DWIG”? Something about that pretty spanking lady makes me want to take that belt away from her, turn it around, turn her over, and give her a taste of her own medicine.

A Balm For Her….

This post from bunnyRys’s weblog at Informed Consent made me giggle:

Stay away from Original Mint Source Shave Gel! **OUCH**

After being wiped down with water and towels, alcoholic wipes and then a shower, I’m still tingly! Damn him. A few dabs of this stuff are far worse than tiger balm or even extra strength Listerine strips. Smells nice but trust me; it’s so not worth it!

**bunny rubs her pretty pink parts and pouts **

Update: Don’t pout, BunnyRys. At least he didn’t use Gold Bond Medicated Powder.

Spanking Instead of Spelunking

From the recently-discovered “Taken In Hand” come this excellent essay entitled “Don’t go into your cave, get out your preferred implement!” The author takes issue with the male practice (described metaphorically by author John Gray as “going into his cave”) of withdrawing from a relationship in times of emotional stress. Says Helen:

It’s all very well to give that a fancy name and make it sound good, but let’s call a spade a spade and see it for what it is: punitive sulking.

There is a better way to handle such problems one that draws the two people together instead of pulling them apart.

Consensual physical discipline brings the couple together. It is an intimate act, and often leads on to another kind of intimacy. Going into your cave puts up barriers; getting out the wooden spoon breaks down barriers and makes you feel close, which then makes it possible to talk with understanding and resolve the issue in a way that is not possible when tempers have flared and you are in fighting mode. So you could say that putting your wife over your knee is a way of getting the fight over and the talking started.

Orbitz Girl Needs A Spanking

Is it just me? Or does that annoyingly perky Brit-girl in the Orbitz gum commercials really really really need a good spanking?

Show me her squirming red ass, and then I’ll buy the gum. “Fabulous!”

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A New Spanking Blog!

I was delighted to receive word of Taken In Hand. Although I haven’t yet found time to do more than browse lightly, it appears to be a very thoughtful and well-written group blog. There’s a lot of intelligent discussion about spanking relationships and the inevitable questions of dominance, submission, and discipline that interest so many of us.

I’m looking forward to reading through this blog the way I look forward to reading a new novel by a favorite author. It looks that good.

A Naughty Girl Goes Shopping

Hmm, it appears Vikki from HerDesires went shopping yesterday, and had a good time:

And the implements. Oh, my. Let me tell you about those implements. I got to see their riding crop close up and it’s even more delicious in person. Buttery soft leather tongue. Sexy metal cap at the top of the handle.

There was a spanking bench thingy that had so many possibilities my poor little mind was spinning just looking at it. I could see myself, leaning over it, strapped in at wrist and ankle, naked bottom turned upwards, offering it for pleasure or punishment.

Their floggers were also beautiful, traditional black leather with braided handles. A few more daring and interesting ones featured a chrome dildo for a handle. Hmm. :)

And sexy black leather paddles. And a round wooden one made of cherry, how yummy. My naughty bits were pulsing just looking at it all.

Sadly, what’s the point of buying them for myself? I shall have to wait until I have a devious man to wield them.

Men of Canada, you appear to be a bunch of slackers, eh? Get with it you hosers!

More About Debbie

Hair Brush Action has more about Debbie. Thanks!

I have always loved the look on her face.

I have a graphic that is all text. This is what it says.

Debbie was Nu-West’s first spanking “star.” She began working for the company in the early 1980s doing Super-8 films. She also appeared in a number of their early videos and many, many photo sets. Debbie continued to work for Nu-West after her marriage in 1984 but decided to retire after the birth of her first child in 1985. She and her husband live in the San Diego area where they both work in the medical profession.

Spanking Debbie

I should have known. Yesterday’s vintage spanking picture comes, of course, from the infamous Nu-West “Debbie” series, which consisted of a bunch of movies, a “best of” compilation DVD under catalog number NWV/333, and a few production stills. Dmitri was kind enough to send along a link to a gallery featuring the whole sequence that includes yesterday’s picture, plus another Debbie gallery showing a different spanking scene. Thanks very much, Dmitri!

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Spanking Good Fun

Here’s the sort of thing we all like, stick figures having a spanking good time:

spanking good stick figure sex

Brutal Vintage Spanking Porn

Here’s another one of those brutal spanking porn pics which (from the color tints) looks like it comes from the seventies or before. It’s a bit rough to be erotic, but it certainly is dramatic:

teen daughter punished by brutal mom

Later update: it is, of course, from the classic “Debbie” series at Nu-West.

brutal teen spanking gets her ass blazing red

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The Boss at The Collar Purple has been going crazy with SpankoNanoFiction – spanking stories written in exactly 55 words. (You’ll have to scroll around to find it all; for some reason The Boss makes Invidia chisel that site into a new slab of html-stone every day instead of using blogging software, so there are no permalinks.)

If you look closely, you’ll see that he even got me to do one of these nano-stories. It was sorta fun. Bethie (who wrote this story) also sent The Boss a couple of nano-stories. Now it’s infecting yet another spanking blog: Hairbrush Action has got in on the act (although I’m not sure if the rules technically allow for illustrations). Nice job!

Lesbian Flogging

Here’s a little girl-on-girl flogging action from “Kathleen’s Whipped Ass.” A cute tattooed alterna-chick wears black iron shackles in a dungeon and gets quite the flogging and paddling from a blonde domina:

girl-on-girl dungeon flogging

Serial Spanking Story Complete

Vikki’s eleven part spanking story is finally all posted. And it’s yummy:

He held his fingers loosely, and started a series of quick, light smacks, a little harder than the first ones, covering both cheeks and the very top of her thighs. Gradually, the skin turned a gentle pink.

She turned her head to face him. Her cheeks were flushed, and her eyes wide.

“You … can … go … harder,” she said breathlessly.

His forearm shot down, driving a rigid palm. There was a loud, meaty crack, and an oval patch on her right cheek turned pale, then scarlet. There was a sharp intake of breath from beneath him.

“I know!” he said cheerfully.


She heard laughter in his voice, and something darker.

Okay, really, ow.

And yet…

Okay, pain slut she wasn’t, but still, something dark and liquid inside of her was bubbling from the heat of that last stroke. It hurt. But as the pain subsided there was throbbing. Made her want to scream. Beg him to fuck her. Animals in heat.

It also made her wonder if she could take another like that.

She hadn’t finished the thought, really, when he landed another one on the opposite cheek, just as hard. Her body bowed.

Her ass felt stung, hot.

And her pussy had never been wetter.

From “Spanking (A He Said / She Said Story)” by Vikki and Arcturus.

Who Needs A Marriage Counselor?

I am honored to present another excellent and very hot spanking story, that you won’t have seen before. It seems Jen has been neglecting her husband, until he finds a way to remind her not to:

Lance began applying the heavy leather tawse randomly across her behind, striking in with hard fast slaps. “You’ve become a little too big for your britches,” he scolded her. “It’s time to remind you who’s the boss here, missy!”

Lance swung the tawse harder, enjoying watching Jen’s jerky reaction to every swat. She moaned and twisted, trying to relieve the sting in her behind. He knew exactly how to apply that supple piece of leather and he had her dancing beneath her restraints in no time. Jen was becoming frantic. Each spank stung and then burned, making her gasp and twist her body up onto her tiptoes. Jen felt her desire becoming stronger as her husband continued her punishment and his lecture.

“You’re going to keep more reasonable hours, you hear me?” he asked, without ever breaking his rhythm. “You’ll behave yourself or find yourself back here again. Do you hear me, missy?”

From “Jen’s Reminder” by Bethie.

Excellent Spanking Furniture

OK, so this is not a spanking picture per se, but stay with me here. The excellent wooden leg-spreading ankle stocks shown in this picture (which currently grace the well-stocked dungeons of the deliciously pervy folks who run the Hogtied bondage pay site) would be a fine toy for any spankos.

spanking stocks from

See that iron ring on the front of the block? Just untie her hands from overhead and tie them close to that ring – she’ll perforce stick her lovely bottom out at you until you tire of spanking it. Which isn’t going to happen in this fiscal year….

An Erotic Caning

There are a bunch of personal BDSM weblogs from the UK at this link which are often worth a visit. Listen to Melody talk about her erotic caning:

He then moved onto the cane, after caning my thighs and bottom he then slid the end of the cane inside me, just enough to tease my clit to take me almost to orgasm – then the caning would begin again. This went on for what seemed like forever. The torture of the pain and pleasure was fantastic. My body felt like it was going to explode. Then when Master caned me just further than I thought I could take, he took me from behind. He still didn’t let me orgasm.

After lots of kissing and cuddling he brought me down, we held each other close until I moved to take his cock in my mouth, I love the feeling of it grow with every lick and suck. Soon the shagging began. Then suddenly Master ordered me onto my knees for two more strokes, I was stunned and definitely not in the mood anymore. On my knees, head in pillows my bottom tender, red and exposed ready for my Master I lay. The first stroke was hard cruel and the most painful I’ve ever experienced. I had to wait for the next motionless, tears welling up in my eyes. After a while he put the cane down, satisfied with my unquestioning submission, let me off the second stroke, turned me over and made love to me more intensely than he ever had before, for the first time ever we came together.

Hardware Store Fun

The things you miss when you go on vacation.

This story starts way back in August. I was chatting online with a friend about the fun you can have in hardware stores, and how easy it is for kinky people to get distracted. By way of example, I told a little story about how I had been walking through the plumbing supply aisle and gotten entirely distracted by a display of toilet plungers and their (detached for shipping and display) handles. “You know,” I said, “the ones with the long clear plastic handle with the little bloops on the end, that looks just like an expensive lucite dildo.” My story, as it happen, involved me hefting the (heavy) handle and thinking about whether it would serve as a spanking stick, or would be too heavy – but that’s not important now.

For imagine my delight in discovering that Katy at Captive Heart is putting one of these handles (which her master delicately calls “an item”) to good use! Obviously I’m not the only one to spot this item’s potential.

Spanking Drawings Galleries

I am trying a new thing for the convenience of my readers. From time to time I’m going to post a gallery of the pictures and artwork that have appeared here on Spanking Blog. Here’s the first one: Spanking Illustrations.

I hope this will let new readers quickly find some of the nicer images that have been posted here. And if it draws a few more readers into the archives, so much the better!

A School Girl Caning

I can’t resist posting a couple of pictures of this extremely traditional schoolgirl caning. This comes from the folks at Girls Boarding School, who do it up right with all the elements: the stern professor, the academic misdeed, the reluctant rolling-up of the plaid pleated skirt, the bent-over-the-desk posture, the knee socks and black patent leather shoes, the rolled-down knickers, the burning welts, even the time in the corner afterwards.

Here’s the cane doing its righteous work:

school girl bent over a desk and caned hard

And here is our tearful miscreant waiting for the burn to subside while contemplating her misdemeanors:

caned schoolgirl standing in corner

Some might call this a cliche, but I say, what’s wrong with upholding the stalwart traditions of a bygone age?

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Smart Remark To The Rescue!

Your Daily Spanking Headline: Michelle got spanked again. You could say it was for teasing her guy while he was geeking out, but I don’t gather he needs a lot of excuse to do this:

The first slap rang out loud, made her gasp and left a nice red handprint on her ass. Right after I started running my fingertips lightly and slowly over where Id made impact, tracing outlines of where she was now sore. she started to push her bottom against me a bit, which brought me to the task at hand, and another slap, this time on the other side. red again, and another outline to trace.

Whipped by Knights

Here’s a lass who has clearly managed to piss off a bunch of knights, or at least wealthy Crusaders with ambitions of knighthood. You gotta wonder what she did to get over that barrel:

spanked naked by knights

Art is by Paula Meadows.

2012 update: Turns out this is from Janus #159, and here is a larger version:

over a barrel whipping

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Spanking Drawings

From artist “Eve” comes this link to a bunch of excellent spanking drawings, in comic style with little vignettes to set the scene. Here’s a large thumbnail from one of the drawings (which is too wide to reproduce in full here, and too nice to reduce in size):

Hanna spanked

You know the drill, click the thumb for the whole picture!

Bedtime Spanking

Here’s a sweet spanking story from Heidi Leigh’s Hideaway, a nice site with a variety of spanking writings:

Heidi’s Bedtime Spanking

By Heidi Leigh

Amid a swirling array of people, Heidi and Sven sat together on an old wooden bench in the middle of Grand Central Station.

Sven turned to Heidi and softly whispered in her ear, “You’re going to get a bedtime spanking when we get to the hotel tonight.”

“But I didn’t do nuthin’ wrong!” Heidi insisted, looking up at her fiancé in dismay. She stamped her foot in protest, but the sound was drowned out by the footsteps of the thousands of busy people rushing by.

Sven pressed on, doing his best to embarrass Heidi and make her blush. “I bet you’re the only girl in this train station that was promised a bedtime spanking tonight.”

“Hmmph,” replied Heidi.

Heidi and Sven had an amazing day in New York City: they dined in Little Italy, attended a taping of the Ricki Lake show, and they even got to see the new J.Lo statue at the wax museum tour. After all that excitement, Heidi hoped that Sven would have long since forgotten about the bedtime spanking. But he hadn’t. In fact, it was the first thing on his mind when they got to their hotel room that evening.

“I never forget my promises to you, Heidi. Now it’s time for you to get spanked.”

“But you said it was gonna be a bedtime spanking and I’m not ready for bed yet,” Heidi persisted. “Lemme at least take a bath first.”

From previous experience, Heidi figured that if she could take a long enough bubble bath, Sven might already be in bed sound asleep by the time she was done. But Sven was on to Heidi’s tricks.

“No, you’re get a spanking right now!” he demanded. He climbed onto the king-sized bed and pulled Heidi across his lap. Heidi whimpered, dreading the unjust punishment she was about to receive.

“Don’t you remember when you used to like to get bedtime spankings?” asked Sven, lightly rubbing his hands across Heidi’s behind.

“No,” fibbed Heidi. “Never.”

“Wrong answer,” said Sven. “The correct answer is that you still like to get them.”

Heidi blushed, knowing she would never admit that. She had been wearing a pair of denim overalls and Sven carefully unhooked and lowered them so that she was clad in only her t-shirt and panties. And now that she was properly prepared, Sven proceeded to give Heidi a thorough panty warming. He only used his hand, but Heidi still thought he was spanking especially hard. She tried her best to be submissive and obedient, the way Sven wanted her to be. This was never an easy feat for Heidi, especially when her bottom felt like it was on fire! Heidi couldn’t help but instinctively writhe and twist over Sven’s lap.

“Be still!” said Sven, sternly. “No more swimming on my lap. Am I going to have to go get the hairbrush…or the strap?”

“No sir,” replied Heidi. She vowed to try her best to behave.

Sven resumed the spanking, continuing until the red was glowing through Heidi’s pink cotton panties. It took every ounce of self-control she had not to reach back to try and protect herself.

After several agonizing minutes, Sven’s hand stopped spanking and Heidi sighed with relief, hoping that her punishment was over. But no such luck. Sven had only been resting his hand.

“It’s time for these to come off,” he said, yanking her pink cotton panties down past her knees.

He then lifted his hand and gave Heidi a long bare-bottom spanking, not stopping until she was steadily crying. The soft, delicate flesh on Heidi’s bottom was so sensitive and without even panties for protection, it stung with indescribable pain. Finally, when Sven had noticed a sufficient change in Heidi’s attitude, he stopped the spanking and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and told her how much he loved her. While she continued crying into the pillow, he began to rub the sting out of her tender bottom.

“You were very brave,” said Sven. “That was a hard spanking.”

Heidi sniffled. “I know.”
Your bottom is awfully red,” he commented. As he stroked it he could feel the heat radiating from her sore cheeks. Heidi didn’t respond.

“Are you being sulky, young lady?”

“No,” said Heidi. She really wasn’t trying to be, because experience had taught her that it would only result in yet another spanking on her already scorched bottom.

“I can see that sulk on your face…”

“No, I’m not sulking,” said Heidi. “Really, I’m not.”

“Okay. Then can I have a kiss?”

Heidi reached over to Sven and gave him a soft kiss. At the touch of Heidi’s sweet lips, Sven went crazy. Their tongues entwined deep in each other’s mouth, Sven reached down and unhooked Heidi’s bra. He lifted off her t-shirt, and with both his mouth and hands, he began to tease her nipples to hardness. Sven was extremely aroused. And so was Heidi, despite what she had said earlier about not wanting to be spanked. She reached down and pulled off Sven’s own underpants. His cock was swollen and hot and ready for Heidi. She turned over, supporting herself on her elbows, and arched her back, pushing her ass high into the air. Sven entered her from behind, clutching her red bottom as he thrust back and forth. He waited until Heidi had come several times before he exploded deep inside her.

Afterwards they collapsed on the bed, holding each other beneath the sheets. Heidi was about ready to drift off to sleep, but before she closed her eyes, Sven pointed out that when he touched her bottom it was still very warm.

The story is Heidi’s Bedtime Spanking By Heidi Leigh.

101 Things

No, sillies, not about me. This is one of those BDSM articles that are so easy to stumble over when surfing the kinkier bits of the internet: “101 Ideas To Make Your Slave Feel Owed (i.e., Loved)“.

Number 67 is actually on topic: “On Your birthday, let her receive Your spankings.” Hey, that could entirely rejuvenate the concept of birthday spankings for me.

More seriously, the list as a whole is a bit odd. Not being submissive, I must confess that some of the items read more like a prescription for justifiable homicide than anything else. Others are surely fun for master and slave alike. But the one that truly boggled my mind was this one, Number 32:

Instruct her that she may never get herself something to eat or drink in Your presence without first asking You if You want something.

Huh? Who in the world doesn’t say “Honey, you want a soda while I’m up?” as they toodle off toward the fridge? Isn’t that, like, basic politeness? Wow, what a concept: Make your slave be polite to you! Kinky!

Spanking Limericks

Not long ago I found a scan of what looked like a page from an old spanking magazine. It had a picture and six really terrible spanking limericks. Here are the three best ones:

A thrashing made Farrah’s bum roast.
It looked hot enough to make toast!
She could not decide,
As she wriggled and cried,
If the cane or the birch hurt the most!

When Angela touches her toes,
She weeps and she wails, for she knows
The sting of the tawse
Is going to cause
Her bottom to blush like a rose!

A robot powered by electricity
Has been programmed to spank dear Felicity.
To be spanked by computer
Perhaps may not suit her,
She thinks it might lack authenticity.

Trust me, you don’t want to see the other three.

Woodland Spanking: The Photo

While looking for artwork to illustrate the story below, I found this ancient photograph, which looks like a hand-colored naughty photo postcard to me:

caned woman crawling naked in the woods

I wonder how far he will make her crawl?

Spanked In The Woods

Bethie has generously sent me a woodland fantasy spanking story that I was quite unable to resist posting. During my recent vacation, I spent a lot of time in the woods, but it was nowhere near this much fun:

You stop at a fallen tree on the edge, sit down, and pull me over your lap. “Are you ready to tell me what naughty plan you had on your mind yet?” you ask as you pull down my shorts. I don’t answer figuring it won’t matter even if I do. You begin spanking me then. Hard swats rain down over my panty-clad rear and down to my upper thighs.

“Ohh!” I gasp as I wonder if this is really serious. You stop and rest your hand on my bottom. “Ready to ‘fess up, young lady?” you growl as your hand caresses my tingling cheeks. Your soft touch reassures me that this isn’t a true punishment session. The butterflies in my stomach instantly turn to bats and I shake my head unable to speak. “Fine. Let’s continue your lesson then!”

You pull down my panties and I wail, “No! Please!” As you begin spanking me hard and steadily I’m feeling the sting building and I begin to twist and shift myself over your lap….

From “A Walk In The Woods” by Bethie.

I swear, next time I go for a walk in the woods, I’m going to try and entice Bethie into coming with me….

Synonyms for Unfairness

Way back in July, I posted an essay by The Boss in which he explained his view that fairness has no place in a D/s relationship. Said the Boss:

The eternal cry of the freshly punished subbie is “That’s not fair!” True, and that’s the way it should be.

So it was with amusement that I noticed his freshly punished subbie, Invidia, drawing upon her rich vocabulary to find synonyms for “unfair” in describing her latest encounter with The Boss’s cane. From today’s (10/11/03, you may soon have to scroll down) post on The Collar Purple:

My beloved decided (most unjustly) that I needed to be disciplined yesterday for having stayed up all night the prior evening. For unknown reasons he decided that the best tool for the purpose was that damnable purple cane that he recently purchased online.

(Emphasis not in original.)

Public Spanking…And A Story

Vikki at Herdesires has some comments on spanking, and even public spanking. She sums up:

Could I ever submit to a spanking in public? The naughty throb between my thighs says yes. The rest of me says hell, no. Let’s just hope the right part stays in charge if the opportunity ever presents itself.

And which part, you ask, is the right part? You decide. :)

She’s also posting an 11-part serial spanking story at this link. As of the time of this posting, she’s only up to part 3, but she’s promising a new part every night.

Yet Another Spanking Machine

Spanking machines are just fun. Exhibit A:

whapped by a spanking machine

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Another Bottoms Up

I’ve added a blog called “Bottoms Up!” to the blogroll. Not a spanking blog, precisely, but it maintains a firm focus on bottoms…and we know where that can lead!

Silver Moon Books

The ever sharp-eyed Gary Switch (who found us the source for carpet beaters) has done it again. Way back in May I asked whether anyone knew of a reasonable source for Silver Moon BDSM books. Gary suggests Quality SM Books in San Francisco, and has good words for their mail order service. I’m not sure whether their double digit prices can qualify as reasonable, but they have the best selection of Silver Moon titles I’ve ever seen in this country. And after all, it’s surely not cheap to ship books over the big ocean and then store them in great stacks until discerning kinksters finally get around to buying them. Thanks again, Gary!

Hillary Whipping Monica

Did you see the cartoon of Hillary Clinton whipping the hell out of Monica Lewinsky’s ass (not to mention menacing it with a huge strap-on) over at ErosBlog? If you didn’t, you’ll want to.

“Do Not Meddle In The Affairs of Mages…”

The Boss from The Collar Purple has turned out another exceedingly excellent spanking story. This one involves an ambitious apprentice being punished for her magical misdeeds. The story is particularly noteworthy for its quantity and quality of stern lecture. Just the sort of thing so many spankees enjoy!

Thalia gasped as she felt the line of fire explode across her buttocks. It had been many years since she had received physical punishment and this was far, far more painful than any in her memory. The second blow was even worse and the third worse yet.

“Without control,” Khador said as he continued the beating, “I cannot allow you to learn the secrets of my craft.” He swung again and caught her on the upper part of her thigh, causing her to cry out. “You would be a danger to yourself and others.”

She desperately tried to twist around and see when the next blow would land, but the hook’s spell held her fast and she could only guess by the slight sound made as Khador swung the magical weapon. Swish! Crack! Swish! Crack! Involuntary yelps of pain escaped her with each blow as her intention to bear up stoically failed under the assault.

With a relentless and characteristic efficiency, the magus caned her thoroughly, pausing only long enough to let her drag in a few, ragged breaths before he continued again.

From “Apprenticeship” by The Boss.

Newlywed Spanking Fun

The Newlywed Nympho had a good weekend:

He rolled me over onto my side and took me from behind, then rolled me over on my stomach and aimed for my ass. He took my hands and moved them around behind my back, holding them briefly in one hand, pumping my pussy with his cock, and poking one finger into my asshole.

Soon the lube came out, and he lubed up himself and my back door, and worked his way into my ass. It was pleasantly painful, and after much noise from me, some “force” from him, and a lot of spanking*, he finally came. He warned me, when I tried to get up, that I was carrying a serious load. Boy, he wasn’t kidding!

*He spanked me more today than he ever has before, probably all the swats he’s ever given me combined. I liked it, but it started stinging. Then it started downright hurting. I didn’t stop him, though, because it went along with what we were doing, and I was enjoying the pain. He was obviously enjoying my reaction, as well, because he continued to spank me until my ass was red and stinging-sore.

What I Missed On My Vacation

I’m catching up on the spanking blog goodies I missed while I was on vacation. I’m “borrowing” this image quite shamelessly from Hairbrush Action, in case you missed it when it went by over there.

strapped and yelling in pain

Have you ever seen a more authentic and convincing looking spanking photo? I do believe the lady on the stool is feeling this one….

Punishment Night In The Harem

I was chatting last night with a delightful lady when the conversation turned to harem fantasies. So I obligingly perused my image collection for some suitable artwork. First I found these two slavegirl lovelies getting a nice tan on their way from the auction block to the harem:

desert slave girls

Alas, two slave girls (no matter how delicious) being driven across the desert by a beturbaned whip-wielding camel rider do not a harem make. So I kept looking until I found just the thing! Namely this:

harem girl spankings

It’s punishment night in the harem!

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Spanking and Her G-Spot

The recent ErosBlog post on female ejaculation links to this lengthy discussion on methods of G-spot stimulation and how to get lots and lots of of yummy orgasms therefrom. That’s a worthy topic for anybody who likes orgasms (and who doesn’t?) but for our purposes the really good part comes six pages into the discussion, with a post on combining G-Spot orgasms (the author calls ’em G-Gasms) and spanking:

For anybody who has tried the GSpot technique and found that it works AND likes a spanking now and then – COMBINE the TWO.

A good OTK and every 10 swats or so give her two to five rapid G-Gasms and then 10 swats. Alternate that back and forth. Keep it rapid and frenzied, pull her hair, lock only one leg down so she can kick the other around, keep one arm firmly over the small of her back so she feels (and IS ) trapped and can’t get away. MAKE her submit just a little longer than she wants to. She’ll be screaming and begging you to stop. Don’t. Part of the thrill for her is NOT knowing if you’ll just keep going until she goes completely nutz or passes out from the intensity. I don’t think most women can continue this for more than two or three minutes once they start having G-Gasms. It is just too intense. The spanking combines the kinkiness and submission AND the GSpot orgasms can be administered almost like spanks…”WHAT did you call me? OK – That’s TEN more!!” It is awesome.

Fair warning: Before and after the quoted post there are some ignorant whinings from people who don’t approve of erotic spankings. I expect none of my readers will give that nonsense any more credence than it deserves.

Guys Get Spanked Too

An email correspondent recently expressed gentle and understanding regrets that Spanking Blog doesn’t have more for the guy who likes to get spanked. My trouble, of course, is that since my tastes don’t run that way I have trouble identifying what’s hot in that department. But possibly this BDSM scene report from Trinity will be a start in rectifying the problem. It sound like a couple of guys got spanked and whipped pretty hard by some very fun ladies:

The play began with a guy getting his birthday whacks, ten for each year. All the women took turns giving him ten whacks on the ass with whatever we wanted. (Or at least, that’s how it started… by the end of it, it was “however many you want, with any toy at all”, as long as when everyone’s had a few turns we come out to the set number.) It was very fun, because the guy getting whacked was someone who could handle some really nasty hits. All the women were trying to outdo each other and really whaling on this guy. It was nice. It was also nice to borrow some of the other women’s really evil toys and use them. ;) And nice to watch some of the submissive women, who’d never topped at all, timidly go up to the guy and hit him nervously, only to become truly vicious once we egged them on enough. Muahahahahahaha.

There’s more.

Puppy Girl Spanking?

Here’s an odd little image that appears to combine a good hard paddling with that odd Japanese puppy-girl fetish:

spanked puppy girl

Thanks to Invidia and The Boss!

The first order of business is profuse thanks to Invidia and The Boss from Collar Purple, who were kind enough to blog daily (Daily! I don’t always manage that!) here until my hand-cranked blogging software gave up the ghost and died. I owe them a huge favor. Boss, if your arm ever gets tired…. (Just kidding, Invidia!)

You guys rock. Thanks so much!

Carpet Beater Source!

Geez. I must have made this coffee pretty strong, I’m all exclamation points this morning. I’ll try to mellow it out now.

But this is exciting! (Whoops….) Since July, I’ve been engaged with my readers in a quest to find a retail source for those classic style rattan carpet beaters. Lots of spankos apparently want to try these out, but they aren’t easy to find.

Well, a loyal reader has cracked the case. Gary Switch found the authentic carpet beaters in the Garret Wade woodworking tools catalog. You can order them here (only $15.50). They look like this:

carpet beater for spankings

And check out this catalog copy:

This is not for woodworking, but your grandmother would have been very familiar with it. You simply hang your carpets outside periodically and literally beat the dust out of them. The natural Rattan is flexible, yet packs a real punch.

They actually have many home uses that vacuums can’t touch – like beating the sand and grit out of beach towels and picnic blankets (before they clog the washing machine), cleaning the front door mat, not to mention the car mats, getting stuff off of drop-cloths and tarpaulins, and so on and on. This classic household tool has stood the test of time. We like them a lot. They are also great fun.

Try and tell me these boys aren’t closet kinksters! “Your grandmother would have been very familiar with it” – I just bet she would have. “Many home uses that vacuums can’t touch” – check. “They are also great fun.” Ayup.

Gary says “I ordered one and I can testify it’s great fun indeed.” Thanks very much, Gary.

Curiosity Spanked The Cat

One of the things I’m really enjoying about this blog is that readers are starting to send me their spanking goodies for publication here. While I was gone I received the most delightful spanking fantasy story entitled “Curiosity Spanked The Cat” by calliope. An excerpt:

Her yowls and howls as he proceeded to change her bottom from cream to crimson were remarkably cat-like, and she kicked and cried to no avail.

“Master! Please, don’t spank me! OWWWW!” she screeched in a most unladylike manner.

“I told you, there are certain hand motions which I have to do to ensure that this spell becomes permanent.”

Thanks, calliope!

Ready to Blog!

Hello everyone! Did you miss me?

I had a great time on vacation, but I missed blogging. I have a bunch of wonderful email from people that arrived while I was gone. I’ll try to answer everybody, but it may take some time.

And now to business!

A "Punished Delinquents In Tears" Movie:

Detention House 3: Spanked Inmates Made Very Sorry

blubbering blonde with a beaten ass
"...a heavy round wooden paddle with a hole in the middle that leaves fearsome red bruises. And then the shaking girls with beaten butts and tearful faces receive another terrible punishment..."