An Erotic Caning

There are a bunch of personal BDSM weblogs from the UK at this link which are often worth a visit. Listen to Melody talk about her erotic caning:

He then moved onto the cane, after caning my thighs and bottom he then slid the end of the cane inside me, just enough to tease my clit to take me almost to orgasm – then the caning would begin again. This went on for what seemed like forever. The torture of the pain and pleasure was fantastic. My body felt like it was going to explode. Then when Master caned me just further than I thought I could take, he took me from behind. He still didn’t let me orgasm.

After lots of kissing and cuddling he brought me down, we held each other close until I moved to take his cock in my mouth, I love the feeling of it grow with every lick and suck. Soon the shagging began. Then suddenly Master ordered me onto my knees for two more strokes, I was stunned and definitely not in the mood anymore. On my knees, head in pillows my bottom tender, red and exposed ready for my Master I lay. The first stroke was hard cruel and the most painful I’ve ever experienced. I had to wait for the next motionless, tears welling up in my eyes. After a while he put the cane down, satisfied with my unquestioning submission, let me off the second stroke, turned me over and made love to me more intensely than he ever had before, for the first time ever we came together.

  1. countrob commented on February 27th, 2014:

    A lovely romantic end. And the alternation of pleasure and caning is well realised, so that the one shades into the other – though not too much – his sadistic pleasure is given proper value. I liked it that, however much it hurt, she didn’t scream.

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