Brutal Caning, Rough Sex

A lot of folks into this spanking thing try to keep it fluffy and fun, and that’s OK. But I think it’s important to remember that for some folks, it’s a lot more intense, and they are still enjoying themselves. A happy Annissa reports:

Master has been home since early Wednesday afternoon… this makes me a very happy slavegirl.

Those few hours we had alone when He first got home were incredibly intense. Within minutes of Him walking thru the door, I was bent over His desk with my skirt raised to bare my ass and Him standing behind me with His favorite cane. This was no tender homecoming. He was swift and brutal. Blood lust. It was quite obvious that He’d missed hurting me as much as I’d missed taking His pain. And pain was definitely what He was out for. Stroke after stroke, He lined my ass and the backs of my thighs from top to bottom and back again. No warm up, no preparation. The very first blow caused me to cry out, by the third tears were falling freely and long before He landed ten I was cursing the pain. He was relentless. Not allowing the pain to subside at all from the last stroke before delivering the next. There was screaming and squirming and begging for it to stop. He laughed at me when I begged for it to end and told me that He wasn’t finished until He had blood. I can’t adequately explain the mind fuck it is knowing that the pain isn’t going to end… that it is only about to get much worse… when you already feel like you’ve taken all you can. The mix of fear and excitement. Knowing that it’s exciting the Sadist in Him to be using me this way makes my cunt throb. He relishes my tears… my suffering arouses Him… finally, my blood appeases Him and He relents. He leaves me with 5 weeping cuts rather evenly distributed over ass and thighs. One on each thigh, two on one side of my arse and one on the other. Welted and swollen… hot to the touch.

Before I could catch my breath He was stripped from the waist down and standing behind me while I’m still leaned over His desk… He grabs my hips and I feel His cock against me. Ramming Himself inside me… fucking me raw, hard, primal like. Like an animal. His thrusts were violent and incessant. Greedy. He was using me for His own gratification, my pleasure wasn’t of concern to Him. In that moment… I was nothing more than a hole to piston His cock in and out of. A body to take His Sadistic desires out on. He fucked me so hard that soon we were both covered in sweat. Salty, moist flesh slapping those freshly laid cuts and tender ridges that covered my ass and thighs. That was rather excruciating actually. It hurt more than one might think and was in fact harder to tolerate that the vicious cunt pounding. When His body started to stick to mine I began to squeal in sounds comparable to those of a stuck pig.

As suddenly as He started… He stopped fucking me. He stopped long enough to give me a long and *really* fucking hard spanking. Simple and no nonsense. Still bent over the desk… cunt dripping wet now. His bare hand against my naked ass and thighs. I think I’d forgotten how much He can make just His hand hurt my ass when He wants to. Freshly caned and fucked only made me even more sensitive and vulnerable to His palm…

  1. annissa commented on July 5th, 2006:

    thank you for highlighting my lil blog SpankBoss :) It makes me blush all crimson! :-D

  2. mikki_rosie commented on July 6th, 2006:

    wow… now that’s not the kind of thing i’d want every DAY, but.. every once in a while, gods, that’s hot…

    ow, ow… sounds amazing…

  3. leelee commented on August 12th, 2006:

    wow..that was awesome! i’m soaking wet! are very lucky…i wouldn’t want that every day, but every other would be good, and maybe anally too :)

  4. COLLINS BURNS commented on August 31st, 2014:

    Sounds almost kind of like my experience with my dom gf just reversed. But I do love to pound her hard and deep. (but I do try to add some measure of love and affection; just not at that time of hot, belted, bare ass sex. (my ass not hers).

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