Spanking, Sex, and The Wandering Hand

How come spanking porn is usually so asexual? No, seriously. For a lot of folks spanking is foreplay, we all know it. He spanks her bottom, she writhes and wriggles and gets hot in more ways than one, she starts to say “Please stop, oh please stop, I’ll do anything….” And from there it’s like the old poem says: “She offered her honor, he honored her offer, and all through the night he was on her and off her.”

Uh, where was I?

Right, spanking and sex. It’s far too rare to see any spanking porn that shows that next step, or even hints at it. Which is why I like this gallery from Bad Tushy. The “girlfriend” (although in the real world she wouldn’t be one, not for long) comes in late, drunk and full of false tales to explain herself. He reacts like this:

naughty girlfriend gets spanked

and before you know it, they are doing this:

the after-spanking sex

We all know where that right hand is, and what it’s doing….

(Thanks to Spank Slaves for the gallery link.)

  1. Vixen commented on December 6th, 2007:

    I’m really excited that the girl being spanked has a Harley Quinn tattoo!!! I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to see Poison Ivy whip Harley with a big vine or a nice switch.

  2. OTKRules commented on May 29th, 2008:

    There you go again! I keep landing at this site, year after year. This time I Googled “after spanking sex”. Only two entries came up. Figures one of them would be yours : ) Thanks so much for taking the trouble to share so much great stuff with us! It’s enourmously apreciated!

    Too bad not so much content is available in my own language (not to mention the difficulty in trying to hook up with a compatible spanko, since I’m only into pretend non-con) We seem to be kind of prudish. But hey, all the better the taboo factor : D And the words that go with in my language are deliciously erotic!

    Thanks again : ) And if you post a story specific to that search, let me know : D

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