Nettles In Their Panties

La, la, la-la-la lah, see the happy schoolgirls go smurfing down the country road:

naughty schoolgirls hiking to school

Uh-0h, what’s this? Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf, those shameles hussies are piddling on the side of the road, in front of God and everybody! The nerve of those tarts!

naughty school girls caught peeing in public

This can only end in tears. Sure enough, here’s Papa Smurf his own self. You girls are in for it!

shameless hussy schoolgirls caught by the ears and in trouble

And oh, are they ever in for it. Spanking, caning, and tears galore, plus big vivid welts in the grandest Lupus Pictures tradition. (For pictures of the spankings, go here — I don’t want any succulant-but-mortified flesh distracting you from my little pastoral morality play. At least, not yet.)

It’s the after the spanking treatment that catches our eye this time. No, not oral sex you loony! Rather, our miscreants are taken out to the garden and made to pick some nice fresh stinging nettles:

well-whipped school girl forced to pick stinging nettles for her punishment

You know where this is going. Our wayward schoolgirls are made to stuff their panties full of fiery nettles, which they do with great reluctance and much shifting from foot to foot:

punished schoolgirl with stinging nettles stuffed in her panties

And off they are sent, traipsing (properly chastened) back to school.

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  2. evelyn commented on December 20th, 2005:

    ouch, it looks like the nettles hurt.

  3. Irene commented on March 22nd, 2008:

    Nettles have been part of my discipline. Especially during my pregnancies the nettles have been appreciate by my husband as a very safe but also very effective way measure of discipline. We can only recommend the nettle discipline as a good supplement to spanking.

  4. RC commented on August 31st, 2008:

    I wouldn’t use nettles on my woman. They’re not my thing and besides, they would inhibit me if I later decided to penetrate her. But once I was not above having a little fun with a similar trick, even if the “discipline” was purely psychological.

    She was tied and blindfolded. It was then easy to convince her that I had put some poison ivy into her panties! (They were really only some harmless maple leaves, but she didn’t know that.) Then the blindfold came off so she could have a look down there — the view was similar to the last picture here.

    Next I led her to believe I was removing the leaves, but instead I reached into her panties and rubbed a leaf gently into her cleft, probing for her clit with the surface of one of the leaves.

    The effect on her was electric! Of course, she used the safe word, and a good deal of invective besides, but the deception was fun while it lasted.

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