A Walk In The Woods

By Bethie

It's a beautiful day and I stop to take a deep breath while I gaze around me in wonder. The woods we're standing in are lush and awe-inspiring. The trees reach high into the sky and ground is covered in a lush green carpet of grass and other foliage. A few minutes ago we had stepped into this clearing and decided it was the perfect place to stop for a picnic lunch. There is a lone tree in the center and we've set up our picnic in its shade. I'm kneeling on a blanket and I smile up at you happy just to be here sharing this moment with you. You move toward me and I slide into your strong arms without a word. For several moments our lunch is forgotten while we lose ourselves in a long passionate kiss. I'm suspended in time, floating in a pool of warmth and passion with the sound and aroma of the woods as the background.

When we finally pull apart, we smile at each other and I giggle as you swat my bottom when I turn to reach for my backpack. We share a quiet lunch flirting and teasing in that easy comfortable way that we've slipped into. You keep eyeing the tree we're sitting under and I know where your mind is going.

"This would make the perfect switching tree," you tease while giving me a stern look. "Don't tempt me to put it to use, young lady."

"I've been good all day!" I say and duck my eyes so you can't see the surprise and desire I'm feeling suddenly. You're using that special tone and now I have a million butterflies zipping around my stomach. It's not fair! You know what you can do to me with that voice. I nervously jump up and announce I need to take a trip to the little girl's room. You laugh and ask which tree I plan to use. I roll my eyes and tell you I'll be right back.

"Don't wander into the woods too far!" you call out as I slip between the trees.

I'm grumbling to myself as I look for a safe place. It's not like I'm going to get lost, I think to myself. As soon as I've taken care of business, I turn to go back but a mischievous thought pops into my head. What if I go around the other way and sneak up on him in the clearing? I'm sure if I'm careful I can skirt around the edge of clearing without him seeing me. As I move off to the side, I work my way through the brush carefully.

That's when I stumble on a tree root and fall flat on my face. "Oommph!" I gasp when I hit the ground. As I struggle to get up, out of nowhere come strong arms that wrap around me and pull me to my feet.

"Are you all right?" you ask as you brush me off and look me over. "Yeah," I grumble more embarrassed than injured.

"Where were you going, silly? I told you not to wander around out here. It's very easy to get turned around and get lost," you lecture, as you look down at me slightly stern and slightly bemused. "I told you all of this before we ever started you know!"

"I know! I wasn't lost...umm ...I was just looking around." I blush as I stammer out this explanation trying desperately to cover my behind. Literally.

You cross your arms and look down at me scowling, "What were you up to?"

"Nothin'," I mumble dropping my eyes and beginning to fidget. "Let's get back and get our stuff, I'm ready to hike on," I say in a rush. I know my body is betraying me. It doesn't help that you're glaring at me.

"You were up to something. You can't fool me, missy. Now you can either tell me know or tell me later, but you'll tell me!" and with that announcement you grab my arm and start steering me back toward the clearing.

"Wait! I wasn't up to anything!" I wail as you drag me along. I know that look well and it means I'm in trouble. I try to dig my heels in and only manage to stumble. You stop long enough to give me a flurry of swats on the seat of my shorts. "Ouch!" I yelp. Before I can recover you're pulling me along again.

"Please, don't!" I beg as we enter the clearing. You stop at a fallen tree on the edge, sit down, and pull me over your lap. "Are you ready to tell me what naughty plan you had on your mind yet?" you ask as you pull down my shorts. I don't answer figuring it won't matter even if I do. You begin spanking me then. Hard swats rain down over my panty-clad rear and down to my upper thighs.

"Ohh!" I gasp as I wonder if this is really serious. You stop and rest your hand on my bottom. "Ready to 'fess up, young lady?" you growl as your hand caresses my tingling cheeks. Your soft touch reassures me that this isn't a true punishment session. The butterflies in my stomach instantly turn to bats and I shake my head unable to speak. "Fine. Let's continue your lesson then!"

You pull down my panties and I wail, "No! Please!" As you begin spanking me hard and steadily I'm feeling the sting building and I begin to twist and shift myself over your lap. Each swat sends electric messages directly to my already moist and most intimate parts. "You were told before we left that you had to behave yourself today and listen to everything I told you," you lecture sternly. "Do you realize how easily you could have gotten lost? Or been bitten by a snake? Or stepped into a hole and broken your ankle?" You punctuate your lecture with burning swats concentrating on my sit spots. I barely hear your words as the fire in my bottom is spreading down and overtaking my entire pussy. I push my bottom up to meet your hand enjoying the feel as each swat pushes me forward and allows me to grind myself into your thigh.

You stop again and rub my entire rear and upper thighs, stopping to squeeze my cheeks one at a time. "Ready to tell me what mischief you were up to?" your deep voice is suddenly husky. I push my rear up into your hand and moan softly. You give me a stinging spank and remind me, "You've been a very naughty girl, you know." I gasp and wiggle across your thighs hoping for some friction to help relieve my ever-increasing need.

You reach down and pull my panties all the way off and toss them aside as you push me onto my feet. "Hey! I'll need those later," I complain. You give me a look and walk around me to get them. My smugness lasts only a moment when from behind me you pull my hands back and I feel you securing my wrists with something soft.

"There, now you won't lose them," you smile as it dawns on me you've tied me up with my own panties. "Ohhh!" I begin to sputter but you stop me cold by reaching for your belt and slowly unbuckling it. I draw a shuddering breath as you pull it slowly from its loops and double it in your hand.

"Ready to continue your lesson?" you ask as you sit back down and quickly pull me across you lap once more. I feel more vulnerable now that my hands are secured behind me and I try to reach up for the arm across my back. "I've got you," you reassure me just as the first lick of the belt lands across the fullest part of my bottom. I yelp and kick up one foot. I'm barely able to take a breath before another one lands a little further down my rear from the first. "Owww!" I moan and try to buck up. You push me down firmly with the elbow of the arm you have across my back. The next one lands on the crease between my bottom and thigh causing me to start kicking helplessly.

"Feeling it now aren't you, darlin'?" you ask as you knead my throbbing rear. "Ohhh...yesss!" I hiss as I try to grind my throbbing clit into your leg.

"Good, my naughty one," with that you begin spanking me fast and hard with your belt. I kick and twist but you manage to keep me on your lap and never miss your target. I'm ouching and moaning louder with every stroke of the leather across my backside. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. The throbbing of my bottom is matched by the throbbing of my swelling clit. "Stop, please!" I beg, "I'm sorry!" "Tell me," you command. My mind is in jumbles and I can't think of anything to say.

"Fine. Let's see what a good switch will do for your tongue," you tell me and you pull me up and begin pushing me toward the tree. "Wait! I'll tell you!" I practically shout. My next words come spilling out in a rush as I try and explain that I was only trying to play a joke. I can't read your face as we reach the tree and you pull my panties from my wrists and push me closer to the tree. "Take off your shirt and bra, then bend over, and place your hands on either side of the tree," you instruct me. I obey quickly. "Now spread your legs and stick out your butt," your commanding voice soothes me and I do as I'm told, letting your hands direct and position me while you tie my hands together on the other side of the tree with your belt. Once you have me secured the way you want, you turn and walk around me and then away.

As I wait for you anxiously, I clench and unclench my aching rear as cool winds play across my naked body. My nipples are as hard as rocks and I moan softly, wishing I could reach down between my legs for just a moment at least. In this position I can't even straighten up enough to rub my thighs together. At last I hear you moving up behind me. The hair on my neck stands up as you lean forward and I can feel your hot breath on my shoulder as you whisper, "I'm going to have to punish you now for your foolishness." "No, please! I'm sorrrrrreeeeee!" I squeal as the switch whistles through the air and lands on my rear with a searing crack. "Aahhh!" I groan as the burn sinks in. The switch sings through the air again and again. I'm moaning and wriggling my bottom about shamelessly, trying to help ease the sting in my rear and the fire between my legs.

Suddenly, you're behind me running your fingers lightly over the welts and causing me to suck my breath in between clenched teeth. Your reach around and release my hands as you pull me back into your body. Your hands are exploring me eagerly and I'm writhing in your arms. We stumble back and collapse onto the blanket with me on my knees in front of you.

"Please...I need you," I plead urgently. You have one arm wrapped around my hip and you reach between my legs and press down firmly on my clit. I practically scream as my head jerks back and I begin pumping myself into your fingers. The next thing I know, you've plunged your dick into me. I'm in ecstasy and I'm about to explode. Each hard thrust from you reawakens the sting in my bottom and causes my pussy to squeeze itself tightly around your member as your fingers push me closer to my climax.

"Yessss! Ohhh! I'm commmminng!" I cry out as my hips begin jerking involuntarily. Your hands grip me tightly from behind and I realize you're about to come, too. I'm still trembling and shaking when you groan into my back and slam yourself into me hard, filling me up with your juices. We collapse onto our blanket, sweaty and breathless. Your arms hold me close, my hot behind pressed into your stomach, and we slowly return to earth. I smile to myself and relax as I look around me. It's a truly beautiful day.

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