A Neighborly Belt Spanking

This is from a story in Februs 13, illustrated by Paula Meadows:

‘I think something a little more severe than spanking is called for,’ I told her. Leaving Sue in her humbling position I went to the wardrobe where, hanging on the inside of the door, was a collection of belts. I selected my favourite for corrective purposes, an unadorned black strip of thin, supple Italian leather. Holding the buckle in my palm I wrapped the leather twice about my hand, then flicked my wrist with a practised motion. The belt cracked satisfyingly in thin air.

An apprehensive moan returned my attention to Sue, uncertainly awaiting my attentions. My eyes drank in her full, womanly curves, the lush expanse of tender flesh offered up to my mercy. I heard her shallow, panting breath and could see, between the splay of her magnificent thighs, the rise and fall of her dangling breasts.

‘How many?’ she asked meekly when I resumed my position at her side.

‘Enough to elicit true contrition,’ I replied, and drew back my arm.

The whippy leather landed with a sharp report on the fullest curve of her near bottom-cheek, the tip licking into her split crevice. An anguished wail tore from Sue’s throat and she began to raise her hand to her abused buttock.

‘Hold still!’ I rapped, and at the sound of my displeasure her hand shot back to its correct place. I tanned her cheek methodically, clinically, laying each stripe a little higher until I reached the point where her buttocks tapered into the small of her back. Returning to the mid-point, the lashes descending the quivering globe, my aim carefully avoiding her plump, out-thrust sex, onto her upper thigh, where I allowed a greater length to sear her skin, curling around and onto the front of her leg.

Each lash elicited a barking cry of anguish from Sue, and when I stepped to her other side and began to work backhanded on her other pale cheek she began to sob piteously.

‘Oh please I’m sorry! I’m really, truly sorry!’ I ignored her, continued to thrash her buttocks to a scarlet that matched the first-beaten cheek.

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  1. Brian commented on March 6th, 2017:

    A brilliant description of what must have been painful – but doubtless deserved – thrashing. Great picture, showing the quim and the hanging tits. Great technique, covering (almost) all the vital bits – certainly the whole of her arse

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