A School Girl Caning

I can’t resist posting a couple of pictures of this extremely traditional schoolgirl caning. This comes from the folks at Girls Boarding School, who do it up right with all the elements: the stern professor, the academic misdeed, the reluctant rolling-up of the plaid pleated skirt, the bent-over-the-desk posture, the knee socks and black patent leather shoes, the rolled-down knickers, the burning welts, even the time in the corner afterwards.

Here’s the cane doing its righteous work:

school girl bent over a desk and caned hard

And here is our tearful miscreant waiting for the burn to subside while contemplating her misdemeanors:

caned schoolgirl standing in corner

Some might call this a cliche, but I say, what’s wrong with upholding the stalwart traditions of a bygone age?

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before and after brutal caning photo
"...thirty vicious cane strokes for each delinquent young woman caught drinking on school grounds..."