Stripping For A Caning

I went dipping again into the treasure trove I mentioned a few weeks ago of production stills from Lupus movies, and was rewarded with this set, of a schoolgirl very reluctantly stripping for her caning punishment:

schoolgirl knows she\'s about to be punished

school girl slowly begins to take off her clothes for her caning

naked and sullen schoolgirl hides herself while she waits for her cane punishment to begin

Don’t forget to click that last picture to see a larger version.

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Caning Block Agony

We’ve seen this notorious Lupus Films caning block before — here, here, and here — but never such a vivid facial reaction to its dubious charms:

girl in agony as she is caned over the block

(Fans of such details will note the discretely placed chamber pot behind the screen to her rear.)

Now let’s zoom in on that anguished face, shall we?

anguished face of a girl getting a caning

The wages of sin, she finds expensive, today.

More here.

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Caning The Princess

Screen captures and stills from this Lupus costume drama featuring pretty court clothing and some serious royal canings have been floating around the web forever — I think this one may actually date back to the Rigid-East days. What’s new is that Lupus Spanking has released a teaser gallery for their site that includes some nice clear (and free!) short movie clips:

princess tied and caned at the whipping post

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Why Model For Lupus?

Adele Haze has written a nice post explaining why she wanted to get her ass really well caned by the notorious Lupus Pictures people (whose work I’ve often displayed here courtesy of the Lupus Spanking website). In Why I Modelled For Lupus Pictures, she writes:

You see, neither back in my first days of furtive spanking-porn-browsing, nor now, have I managed to extract a grain of pleasure out of watching the punishment sequences that have become Lupus’s trademark. The harshness of the floggings, the marks and the screams tend to be too much for me; the occasional trickle of blood makes me cringe. The action scenes are supposed to be the focal point of any spanking video, and yet – unless I’m writing a review of the film – I usually watch them on fast-forward. Even knowing what I know about the safety and consensuality of the shooting process – even having been there and experienced it for myself – I don’t expect ever to grow to enjoy the results.

And yet, my appreciation of Lupus films has never wavered.

The recurring themes of individuals pitched against the powers that be – the state, the parental authority, the grotesque educational figures – and losing, always losing – appeal to the dark side of my kink. The camp, over-the-top comedies feed my nostalgia for a particular brand of Eastern European humour. The occasional supernatural plot pleases my inner geek, while the historical dramas satisfy my various costume fetishes.

There is also plenty of kinky content peripheral to the beatings that I can still enjoy – all the kneeling, all the ritual cruelties inflicted on the fictional schoolgirls, maids and prisoners. Until the first stroke falls, I am enthralled.

I have come to see having to hit fast-forward when the caning starts as a fair price for the wealth of kinky pleasures I get from the rest of the film.

My decision to take a role in a Lupus movie has followed a similar logic.

I don’t process pain as pleasure. I knew my caning would hurt a great deal, possibly more than any of my previous experiences. I did briefly wonder whether, caught up in the moment, I would find pleasure in my real-life flogging in a way I couldn’t enjoy some other girl’s filmed experience – and, pre-empting an upcoming post on the topic, no, I didn’t get any enjoyment out of the pain until it was all over – but, on the whole, I was prepared for a thoroughly uncomfortable several minutes over the famous bench.

And that was OK, because I knew – from studying the films, and from talking to Niki Flynn, who’d gone to that scary place before – that the rest of the shoot would give me the sort of pleasures that would make a few minutes of acute pain worth going through. For somebody who has a separate fetish for artistic suffering, working with a production on the scale of Lupus’s would be worth every stroke.

I had never before worked to a script, and I’d get that. I had never had somebody else think through the costume and make-up for me –I’d get that too, and in the end even the hideous pieces of reformatory wardrobe would turn out charming in their appropriateness. I had never before taken detailed direction, or shot completely – and confusingly – out of sequence, or acted in sets built for the purpose in every small detail; in short, I had never been a part of a spanking shoot run on such a professional level – and I knew that all of these experiences were mine for the taking.

Of course there’s more.

A bonus pair of Lupus Spanking pictures for you:

two girls pleading for mercy and not getting it

girl crying after a brutal caning while her sister or roommate waits in fear for her own spanking

Or, click this link to see all the Lupus Spanking posts on Spanking Blog.

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Religious School Canings

So I was looking at a recent photo gallery from the notorious “harsh caning movies” people at Lupus Spanking and came across this charming photo-essay on the perils of misbehavior. First, there’s the lecture in the kitchen followed by the reluctant bringing of the cane:

girls in trouble at religious school

Then, our misbehaving heroines repair to their sparse dormitory for proper posturing and further lecturing:

girls being punished in religious school dormitory

To spare your tender eyes, I’ll skip right over the serious caning, including the laying-on-their-backs-holding-their-knees-so-the-cane-can-reach-their-thighs bit. (That’s always fun, though.) The welts are numerous and vivid in the best Lupus tradition, and you can see them here.

We’ll move right along to the after-the-caning lecturing:

sorely caned girls squirming and being lectured after punishment

Even in this still photo, you can see her trying not to squirm…

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Lupus Pictures (Rigid East) Spanking Website

Anybody who has spent any time downloading spanking pictures and video clips is familiar with the famous (notorious?) movies produced by Lupus Pictures (formerly Rigid East) in Eastern Europe. These Lupus spanking movies are notable for their severity, often featuring canings that leave numerous and vivid welts. (Anyone remember the amazing stills from “Wild Party”? Ouch!) Unlike most American productions, they often feature “teens” in a family or school discipline setting. Some productions are set in the past with dramatic costuming, and it’s common for the cute young European models to be shown in tears. Rich fantasy material if you like punishment scenarios. A couple of screen shots to give you the flavor:

nude cutie about to be caned

tied over the caning block with leather straps

As far as I know, however, there’s never been any U.S. distribution of these videos and DVDs, and the only internet distribution has been, shall we say, informal (and generally of poor quality). You could order DVDs online, but that’s slow and expensive. Worse yet, kinky adult videos don’t always make it through US customs.

Now, however, I’m delighted to report that Lupus Pictures has made some of its movies available online for immediate download at Lupus Spanking. The website is run by the same folks who do Girls Boarding School, so for the first time, there’s an instant-gratification way to get your hands on high-quality copies of this material. All in all, it’s excellent news for fans of this spanking movie publisher.

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Is That A Bottom?

There’s a new gallery of free embedded flash caning movie clips available from Lupus Spanking. These are always relevant to our Spanking Blog interests:

lupus caning flash videos

But the promo text copy for this gallery made my eyebrows crawl up my forehead and begin migrating over the top of my scalp in most Dilbertian fashion. It says “HELPLESS GIRL GET HER BOTTOM CANED BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION.”


My bottom-recognition-fu is strong. My skepticism about this claim is stronger. Red, her bottom certainly gets. Welted and bruised, sure. Not recognizable as a bottom? Nu-huh. I’m calling “hyperbole” on that one.

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