Jessica In Tears

I’ve posted before that a proper spanking ought to be on the bare; much as I love the way nice tight denim wraps a set of female buttocks, it just doesn’t seem like an effective way to spank. However, if you use a good leather belt, apparently it can be done:

teen jessica getting a belt spanking

Certainly Jessica here, from the Real Spankings Pass family of sites, appears to be feeling the burn:

teen jessica crying from her belt spanking


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  1. Dan Duffy commented on August 26th, 2005:

    While I agree that a spanking should be applied to the bare bottom, a thorough warm up session hand delivered to the denim clad posterior is quite invigorating! Upon hearing the miscreants’ sweet moans of distress, the reminder “If you think this hurts, just wait ’til these jeans come down…” heightens the anxiety. Aw, the anticipation…

  2. Bratscorcher commented on August 26th, 2005:

    I’ve seen “Jessica” pictured on a number of sites — she has a beautiful and remarkably expressive face. Always seems to genuinely feel the full benefit of her corrective medicine.

  3. Little Miss commented on September 3rd, 2005:

    I always experience a frisson when I see a denim-clad bottom about to be spanked. When a spanking starts over denim, it has a way of focussing the sensation for me, very likely because the denim keeps my bottom tight (just as it stings more when I clench against a spank or have to be spanked with my legs parted wide). Also, jeans that are cut so the back seam rides into the cleft (showcasing the vulnerable lower curves) are more effective – a cut that simply lies flat acts more like a trampoline!

    A light hand applied to tight jeans is like a love pat … it takes some vigour to communicate the intent by hand, even in a warm up. My denim-encased posterior is usually slippered or subjected to a hair brush, which definitely gets me squirming. When I must then take down my “protection” – a moment most feared – even a hearty application of the hand stings mightly.

    If the goal has been to leave me with bruise spots guaranteed to linger as mementos (or perhaps visual trophies?), a spanking that begins with denim always works!

  4. frank holsir commented on September 16th, 2005:

    Lovely picture of a marvelous bottom waiting it’s well earned discipline. I must add that even though I don’t believe a good spanking can be administered with clothes in the way, I do agree that leaving the jeans on for a warm-up with a hairbrush or even better a cut-switch is a good idea. Of course, I only allow this sort of covering when my lady is in for a serious punishment spanking – the kind of correction best delivered over the kitchen table!

  5. Brattobespanked commented on June 10th, 2008:

    When a spanking starts over my jeans I know that my butt will be bare before the spanking is over. My butt will be bruised and will stay sore for a long time.

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