Religious School Canings

So I was looking at a recent photo gallery from the notorious “harsh caning movies” people at Lupus Spanking and came across this charming photo-essay on the perils of misbehavior. First, there’s the lecture in the kitchen followed by the reluctant bringing of the cane:

girls in trouble at religious school

Then, our misbehaving heroines repair to their sparse dormitory for proper posturing and further lecturing:

girls being punished in religious school dormitory

To spare your tender eyes, I’ll skip right over the serious caning, including the laying-on-their-backs-holding-their-knees-so-the-cane-can-reach-their-thighs bit. (That’s always fun, though.) The welts are numerous and vivid in the best Lupus tradition, and you can see them here.

We’ll move right along to the after-the-caning lecturing:

sorely caned girls squirming and being lectured after punishment

Even in this still photo, you can see her trying not to squirm…

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  1. Terry commented on October 13th, 2006:

    There’s a nice enema scene in that flick too. You can see the preparation in one of the thumbnails.

  2. kajira{MJ} commented on October 15th, 2006:

    great pj’s!

  3. Stephie commented on October 20th, 2006:

    That’s so exciting! i love nothing more than welts on the thighs (esp. in the summer, when you go out with hotpants or miniskirt)… :)

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