Caned Girls Comforting One Another

I just got my hands on a treasure trove of production stills from the Lupus Spanking movies, so you’ll be seeing some more of those here over the days and weeks to come. They’re pretty high-resolution, so I can play with details, too.

For instance, there’s one sequence featuring a caning block and one of the heavily welted purple-striped caned bottoms for which Lupus is so deliciously infamous. But up in the upper left corner, dimly seen until I jacked the gamma a bit, were two already-caned girls, naked, in tears, terrified that they were going to get more, and trying to comfort each other. I had to grab them and blow them up a bit for your delectation:

caned girls in tears

caned girls comfort one another

caned girls corner time

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  1. Bodack commented on October 1st, 2010:

    Thank you. More please. Stills are something I miss. They make great screen savers. I wish more sites had them.

  2. Stripping For A Caning - Spanking Blog commented on October 22nd, 2010:

    […] went dipping again into the treasure trove I mentioned a few weeks ago of production stills from Lupus movies, and was rewarded with this set of a schoolgirl very […]

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