Scariest Disciplinarian Ever

Poor girls. Packed off to some sort of twisted neo-orthodox dark parody of a convent school for young ladies, immediately sentenced to a vicious switching in the courtyard for deportment errors or getting kasha on their wimples or whatever, they’re already feeling like they are trapped in a nightmare not of their own making:

two girls about to get a Russian beating, with switches

And then, for the first time, they get a look at the man who is going to beat them raw. Before he escaped from the tower in Sverdlosk, the monks there knew him as “Crazy Pasha” and made sure to push his loaves through the bars with a stick. Now the lunatic is in charge of his own asylum, and he looks like the love child of Groucho Marx and one of the early Patriarchs of Suzdal — the one with fleas.

scariest spanker ever

Say this for Crazy Pasha, though: He knows how to beat a girl with a switch!

in agony from a switch beating from a crazed religous-fanatic patriarch

Image credits: Lupus Spanking.

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  1. Liz commented on June 26th, 2016:

    Every time I see this post, I lose my mind! Why Crazy Pasha is so hilarious is beyond me.

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A "Punished Delinquents In Tears" Movie:

Detention House 3: Spanked Inmates Made Very Sorry

blubbering blonde with a beaten ass
"...a heavy round wooden paddle with a hole in the middle that leaves fearsome red bruises. And then the shaking girls with beaten butts and tearful faces receive another terrible punishment..."