Spanked And Mouthsoaped By The Ivory Soap Heroes

From an Ivory Soap advertisement (styled as “Ad” Ventures of the Ivory Soap Heroes) in the 1873 St. Nicholas serial:

You should have seen the angry flames spurt from old dragon’s nose!
You should have seen him lash his tail and spread his fearsome toes!

He pounced upon the robber men and captured almost twenty,
then promptly burned their coat-tails off and spanked them good and plenty.

Then, while the robbers cowered low, as scared as anything
young Bob and Bet and Gnif, the Gnome, just tied them up with string.

ivory soap heroes forcibly washing and mouthsoaping some robbers and bandits

They lashed each robber to a pole and stood them in a row;
the muddy tear-tracks down their cheeks made them a sorry show.

With brushes, mops, and IVORY SOAP, and sudsy, scratchy scrubs,
our heroes cleansed those robber men with energetic rubs…

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