Mouthsoaping Annie Cruz

Folks, this post is for the mouth soaping enthusiasts. It’s got no spanking in it, at all. I know these punishments often go together, and the fetishes too — but not this time. Sorry about that.

In mitigation, though, I offer up this fact: this post is all about the single richest trove of mouthsoaping porn I’ve ever found. If you like mouthsoaping, you’ll love this post. Let’s get started. Girl, open up for the soap!

annie cruz with a bar of soap in her mouth

I found this stuff via ErosBlog. Specifically, via this post about an old Wired Pussy shoot featuring lesbian toilet sex. Nothing really there for Spanking Blog readers, except that I noticed a shot among the shoot’s free promotional photos featuring Annie Cruz with a big white bar of soap jammed solidly in her mouth.

That got me curious, so I went looking. It turns out that the promo text for the photo shoot involved some discussion of Annie Cruz being a potty mouth and getting her mouth washed out with soap because of it. Interesting.

As you may know, you don’t need to join Kink Unlimited to get access to a single shoot from one of their many kink-specific channels like Wired Pussy. Any time you’re looking at a shoot page like the one for Annie Cruz: Potty Mouth, there’s an “Or, buy this shoot” link right under the big JOIN button. You pay a one-time fee (no rebills) for permanent download or streaming rights to the shoot. And that includes (if the shoot has them, some newer ones don’t) all the still photos. Some older shoots have many dozens or hundreds!

So, does this shoot turn out to have more mouthsoaping pictures? Oh, yeah, baby! But you knew that; you’ve already seen the first one at the top of this post. In actual fact, it has lots of mouthsoaping pictures — about sixteen of them, plus one or two more of poor Annie spitting out bits of soap.

Here are two more of my favorites from the shoot:

Annie Cruz bondage mouth soaping

Annie Cruz suffering with a big bar of soap jammed in her mouth

You’ll have to join Kink Unlimited or buy the shoot to see the rest, but fortunately it’s not expensive. In case you can’t swing it, I’ve linked all three photos above to larger versions. So at least there’s that much.

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