Mouthsoaping At The Real Spankings Institute

Here are some nice little animated .gifs of mouth soaping punishments at the Real Spankings Institute.

mouthsoaping two girls

mouth soaping two nude girls

mouthsoaping punishment for cute girl

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  1. Fr. commented on July 7th, 2013:

    Okay, now THAT’S a mouthsoaping! The last one, that is, although I do like all three.

    Still images almost NEVER do justice to what a real mouthsoaping involves. (I admit that “The Mouthsoaping Headmaster” comes close.) That last one is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I mean, seriously. You don’t just put a cake of soap (or a soap-looking object) barely in a woman’s mouth and not even bother to move it around. You WASH HER MOUTH OUT. You rub it in and out, as if to thoroughly cleanse the foul language (or indignant attitude, or whatever) from her oral cavity–her tongue, yes, but also on the roof of her mouth, possibly even her cheeks. And a proper mouthsoaping leaves tiny bits of soap between her teeth that keep the taste of soap in her mouth for a long times afterwards as a reminder. Mouthsoaping is, ironically, not clean. It is messy and nasty and drooly and gross and humiliating. THAT’S a mouthsoaping.

    More please! Even the mediocre ones that I’ve been whining about are still a lot of fun and very much appreciated.

  2. Midnight commented on July 30th, 2013:

    Fr is correct. The last one is probably most accurate too. There’s no need for a girl to be topless for this punishment. A few drops of soap-bubble drool on her shirt (looks like a uniform) won’t hurt anything.

    If he keeps lathering, she’ll be rinsing and spitting alone for an hour after his work is done. And she’ll get an olfactory reminder every time she enters a bathroom with a similar brand of soap.

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