Diary Of A Spanked Doll

From The Diary Of A Birthday Doll, by E.C. Dow (1908):


The color plate is by F. E. Nosworthy, illustrating this portion of the text:

All of a sudden I fell flat, over on my side, and bumped my head real hard against the floor. I just had time to catch one glimpse of Teddy, under the bed. He was looking at me very kindly (he has awfully nice brown eyes) and then I heard the slamming of a book, I was caught up roughly, and shaken and shaken.

“You naughty child ! Why don’t you behave ?” cried Mamma Lu, in a very angry voice. ” You’re the worst child I ever had,” and another shake and another and another.

“I’m going to give you a lesson, once for all,” she continued; “I will not have such behavior in my family.”

She reached out for a great big hair-brush that was on a dressing-table near her. “A hair-brush,” I thought, stupidly. Oh! I was all dazed. “What does she want with a hair-brush. My hair must be untidy, and I guess she’s going to comb me.” Yet I trembled.

“I will not have it,” she went on, more and more excited. ” Winnie Campbell knows how to make her children behave. She told me how, to-day, and I’m just going to take her advice.” With a quick movement she laid me over her knee, face downward, rolled up my chemise, raised the hair-brush, and no, no, I cannot repeat the rest, I cannot, cannot.

Maud and Gladys were sobbing softly when she carried me back to bed, and there was a heavy breathing through the room; it might have come from Teddy Bear. I could not say a word. I was bruised and stiff from my ribs to my knees, it was such a large hair-brush, and she had used the bristly side, part of the time, and then the disgrace, the awful shame of being pressed down tight till I couldn’t move, and then publicly spanked with a hair-brush, before Maud and Gladys and Ted and the two sparrows. My heart was broken, yes, my heart was broken. I felt that I could no longer look anyone in the face, so dreadfully had I been disgraced. If it had only been on my shoulder or on my face; anywhere but where it was, and before so many people.

I lay quite still in my misery.

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