Oral Punishment For Oral Sins

Holiday dinners with the folks are especially tough for someone who has to control her sugar intake. Fortunately, a spot of ultra-traditional domestic discipline (mouthsoaping, yet) can help. But, as Mija writes while foaming gently from the mouth:

I just wish love tasted better, I guess.


Update: Part II. Folks, does Mija secretly like the taste of Ivory soap?

  1. Mija commented on November 26th, 2005:


    I was wondering why our stats had jumped in the past day or so.

    Guess this takes care of Pab’s desire to make my punishment even more embarrassing by having it be public.

    Soap two days running with a promise of more at home. And to think this is the sort of relationship I want. What a weirdo!

  2. Mija commented on November 27th, 2005:

    The answer to that question would be a definitive NO.

    She is, however, that absent minded. :-/

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