Monmouth Plays “Guess The Implement”

It’s been a little while since I last linked to Monmouth. Pity, that; he’s a kinky bastard of the best sort. Don’t believe me? I’ll betcha Veronica would agree:

One afternoon, last summer, I tied Veronica’s hands behind her back, bent her over the white plastic top of the kitchen table, and attached her ankles to its feet on either side. She giggled and sighed when her nipples touched the cold veneer.

I grabbed a flat wooden spatula that stood in a large glass jar next to the cooker, and ran it in a circle around her right buttock.

She couldn’t see what I was holding. “What the fuck is that?”

“Let’s see if you can guess.” I gave her an experimental whack with it, more of a tease than anything else. “I’ll hit you with it until you figure it out.”

I gave her another, in a fresh spot on the left cheek of her bottom.

“Owww!” she squealed. “What the fuck is that?”

Harder this time, I struck the same spot a few times in quick succession. “Feel free to repeat yourself while I spank you.”

Just to make things more interesting I set the spatula aside and spanked her with my bara hand, harder and faster.

“That’s cheating!” she squealed, wiggling around in discomfort and pleasure.

“Maybe. But you’re not in a position to enforce any rules, are you?”

I gave her another swipe with the spatula, just to emphasise my point.

“Umm, rolled-up newspaper?” she ventured.

By the time she identified my improvised spanking toy correctly her bottom was pink, red, and a couple of matching bruises were forming.

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