A Spanking Exercise

Yes, yes, I know that supervising her treadmill time while holding a cane can be fun, but it’s not as creative as it might be. MonMouth has been riffing lately on a sex-related exercise program, and for a warmup exercise he offers The Crouching Kitten:

1. The “kitten” kneels down on the floor (a considerate trainer would provide some soft underlay) and grabs her ankles. It is imperative that this position be maintained throughout. If not, then restraints and/or punishments will have to be used.

2. After ensuring that the trainee is in the correct position, she should be securely blindfolded.

3. Taking his time, the trainer should walk around her a few times to raise anticipation. At this point, begging on the part of the trainee is allowed.

4. At a moment of his choosing, the trainer takes a position in front of the crouching kitten, takes out his cock, and orders her to find the tip with her tongue. As she seeks it, blindfolded, the trainer should make the trainee work for her mouthful and not allow her easy access to her reward.

5. Once found, the kitten should be allowed to suck to her heart’s content. No hands are allowed, though. Any divergence from this rule should be punished immediately with a firm spanking, commensurate with the brazenness of the offender.

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"...and then the spanking starts. Brutal, totally uncompromising. You have never heard screams and shrieks as terrible as these..."