Schoolgirl, In The Library, With The Riding Crop

When I first looked at the 3D SexVilla software (a sort of “virtual paper dolls” program that lets you play in kinky sexual ways with infinitely poseable, broadly-customizable sexy avatars), I was a little disappointed because there wasn’t as much for spankos as I was hoping to find. There was a nice classroom setting, but not (back then) any schoolgirl outfits, and the classroom looked more “Arizona elementary school” style than “old world kinky professor”.

Fortunately, time marches on. In recent updates, 3D SexVilla has added student costumes (male and female) and a wonderfully baroque old-school “nobleman’s library” setting complete with multi-story stacks, wrought iron stairs, leather and rich woodwork, erotic art on the walls, and even a private “dungeon studio” behind a discrete hidden doorway. Of course you know that a studious girl has to celebrate her recently-earned library privileges by dancing on the study tables:

Kink 3d naughty schoolgirl dancing in the library

In fact, nobody’s in here, why not practice her striptease routine?

“Headmaster, ulp, I didn’t see you, there in the stacks….”

Kink 3d schoolgirl striptease in the library

Did I mention that the dungeon studio was very well appointed? Punishment to fit the crime, bared breasts means they want touching up with the riding crop, eh what?

riding crop on bare breasts for naughty 3d school girl

Of course there’s a paddling to follow, and time to study the wall and contemplate her misbehavior:

spanked schoolgirl in bondage

To be honest, though, it’s the library that’s the star of this show for me. “Send the girl home, I want to enjoy my magnificent library!”

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