Spanking And Orgasm

Monmouth from Rentboy Diaries describes how he made a lady come while spanking her with a plastic flyswatter:

The strokes came widely spaced in an unhurried rhythm. Mia was getting into this, squirming around under the stinging slaps of the plastic fly swatter. After a little while I couldn’t resist sliding my hand in between her thighs from behind, burying my fingers in between the dark hairs of her pussy.

Her buttocks were red, pink, very warm.

I didn’t even need to touch her to know that she was dripping. She had such a strong scent that normally I could tell by just standing next to her fully clothed whether she was getting turned on or not. It was no use going out dancing with her – we always ended up leaving early because I couldn’t resist the smell of her sex that led me by the nose every time straight to her bed (and sometimes other places on the way there).

My fingers slid easily in between the lips of her pussy. Twisting around slowly, trying to avoid her usually very sensitive clit, suddenly she pushed back against my hand, grinding herself on my fingers – and came with a loud prolonged “aaaaahhhhhh!” that would have been unmistakable to anyone passing by the door of her flat.

Smiling to myself, I remember thinking “hey, this totally works!” as her wiggling slowly subsided.

Which, of course, it totally does.

  1. Sue commented on May 27th, 2010:

    Isn’t the word “cum” instead of “come”?

  2. SpankBoss commented on May 27th, 2010:

    Actually I think the word you are groping for is “pedant”. ;-)

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