Monmouth Spanks Libby

It’s time for another one of Monmouth’s libidinous assignations:

Libby brought a pair of leather handcuffs and a seductively purple blindfold to our first meeting. With them on, her hands restrained and her eyes covered, she compliantly bends over, kneels and sucks. I’ve added various elements to this — a buttplug, bondage tape, and a smooth, flat wooden ruler for spanking her bottom bright, throbbing red — but the cuffs and the blindfold always come out.

This time, they were the first thing on the menu. As soon as her hands were cuffed and her eyes covered Libby sank into a state of aroused malleability, not speaking except for the occasional response to my questions. I told her to bend over the bed, and when I pulled her skirt up to expose her bottom the motion was met with a sharp intake of breath.

In this state I barely need to touch her. I do, of course, but it’s such a delicious anticipation, waiting and not touching her where she wants to be touched. My hand hovered over her prone bottom — then striking suddenly and without warning.

Every slap of my hand seems to push her deeper. She was silent, until I stopped to run my finger down the length of the fabric of her lacy thong in between the reddening globes of her ass. Just a little intake of breath and she spread her legs a bit. Inviting my fingers.

Not so fast.

I gave her another round of hard slaps with the palm of my hand, and when my fingers returned to stroke the insides of her thigh, I could feel the wetness of the fabric. I pulled it aside and teased her labia for a bit with my thumb, not going near her clit.

She wanted it urgently, but she didn’t want it just yet.

Pausing the mistreatment of her bottom, I reached for the wooden ruler. Thin, flat, and polished smooth, the wood had a good heft and spring in my hand. I imagine it felt cool against the flushed skin of her behind when I rested it lightly on the curve.

Another sharp intake of breath.

The ruler made a satisfyingly sharp sound on impact with her skin. I spanked her with it a few times. Then rested. Gave it another round. Rest. And so on, varying the speed, intensity and force, all the while wondering at what point this would turn from game to pain, from “yes” to…

At some point I stopped and stripped off my clothes while she waited behind the blindfold, wondering what next.

When she felt the tip of my cock against her lips she smiled and opened wide.

  1. missnobull commented on November 2nd, 2007:

    That was just lovely, what you posted!! Jeez, are there men like you??

  2. SpankBoss commented on November 2nd, 2007:

    Men like Monmouth? I suppose there must be.

    But if there were very many, I don’t imagine he’d be so busy

  3. Z commented on November 4th, 2007:

    Very nice.

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