Cat O’ Nine Tails Nazis

I very much do not want or intend this spanking blog to become “all Nazis, all the time” but I do rather love hilariously over-the-top vintage pulp magazine whipping imagery, so there’s a certain tension:

shirtless nazi threatens a breast whipping with a cat o nine tails

Per Bondage Blog this artwork is from the cover of Wildcat Adventures.

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Sweater Girls Whipped By Nazis

Another Nazi whip interrogation, as imagined by 1970s pulp magazine illustrators:

two Nazis whipping a couple of lovely young ladies in tight sweaters

This is from the February 1973 issue of Man’s Book magazine.

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Whipped By A Nazi Stud

Nazi-sploitation stroke books? Yeah, they used to be a thing:

bondage whipping art from cover of Nazi Stud Of Dachau

Artwork is from the cover of Nazi Stud (Nazi File No. 71).

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Whipping Nazis

This is a detail from one of those lurid pulp magazine illustrations:

pretty girl whipped by nazis

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Nazi Cane and Crop Interrogation

The men have 1970s-style British sideburns and “Nazi” uniforms straight off the racks in central casting, but I’m sure somebody will still find a reason to feel offended by these screen caps from what I suspect of being a typically farcical vintage British spanking movie:

uniformed woman in nazi interrogation cell

nazi interrogators strip female victim before painful whipping interrogation

nazis whipping and spanking female prisoner

If anybody knows the original source of these images, which I found on Usenet, I’d be delighted to hear about it in the comments.

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Nazi With A Whip

A friend once told me she knew someone who believed that all BDSM porn involves “Nazi scenarios”. Well, no. But the man with a swastica and a whip was not unheard of in those old “adventure” magazines for men, which were often illustrated in this style:

nazi with a whip

Me, I’m thinking “Hey, I want a whip like that.”

Update: There was an interesting debate in the comments about sexualized Nazi imagery when this picture got reposted to ErosBlog.

Ten, Clutching Her Sore Bottom

Because I personally consider smoking to be a foul personal habit that degrades and contaminates not only the people who indulge in it but also the physical environments where they conduct it, I am perpetually amused by spanking porn that relies on the trope of models being punished for smoking. It’s the one memetic space where I am entirely unbothered by the cognitive dissonance that usually arises whenever “punishment” is a theme in our little fetish, given that everybody involved is a consenting and presumably-responsible adult. It’s not that the spanked-for-smoking scenarios are any less fictive or contrived, I just quite cheerfully do not care! Call it propaganda if you like, I just think “Got caught smoking, got their ass beaten with arbitrary severity by somebody with the power to do so, is now sobbing in the corner with her sore bottom, nobody feels even the tiniest twinge of sympathy because what they were doing was so fucking stupid” is a message that cannot be repeated often enough in the world. It’s like punching Nazis. It has an unambiguous moral clarity like few other messages do.

bottom clutching

And that’s supposedly the story behind Ten’s paddled bottom in this photo. In the April 3 update at, she was caught smoking on campus. She got paddled over the jeans, but as you can see the thin tight denim did not save her bottom!