Two Pairs of Whipped Beauties

Via Chross comes this link to a blog post about Basil Gogos paintings for adventure magazines. Among the included examples are two sets of girls showing recent evidence of painful whipping:

two girls chained to a wooden beam and having their clothes whipped off by nazis

two girls chained to a wall and covered with whip welts

(The Nazi in the top painting reminds me that yesterday Bondage Blog did a seven-year roundup of bondage posts involving Nazis and prison camps and women-in-prison and such.)

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  1. Chains and Punji Sticks – Bondage Blog commented on November 20th, 2010:

    […] as featured recently on the Men’s Adventure Magazines blog which I discovered via links on Spanking Blog and the Chross Guide To The Spanking […]

  2. OTTO commented on December 20th, 2011:

    I remember those magazine illustrations. The articles themselves would be totally boring but the illustration would resonate with the kind of fantasy that, well…I really like. They wouldn’t have done that so often if it didn’t sell magazines. Hmmm… Just how many spankos are there, I wonder?

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