Nazi Cane and Crop Interrogation

The men have 1970s-style British sideburns and “Nazi” uniforms straight off the racks in central casting, but I’m sure somebody will still find a reason to feel offended by these screen caps from what I suspect of being a typically farcical vintage British spanking movie:

uniformed woman in nazi interrogation cell

nazi interrogators strip female victim before painful whipping interrogation

nazis whipping and spanking female prisoner

If anybody knows the original source of these images, which I found on Usenet, I’d be delighted to hear about it in the comments.

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  1. Julie commented on October 15th, 2008:

    Notwithstanding the black garter belt, this photo is absolutely authentic. Get a look at her shoes!

  2. SpankBoss commented on October 15th, 2008:

    I’m not a shoe guy. What should her shoes be telling me?

  3. Mia commented on October 15th, 2008:

    Julie, authentic what? Authentic Monty Python era spanking flick?

    Speaking of shoewear, however, I’d like to point out that boots on a man like that are sexy. I had a huge crush on CHIPS when I was a kid. Still swoon when I see highway patrol on motorcycles.

  4. Ayala commented on October 25th, 2009:

    This is a Danish photo-story published in 1970. Title is “”SS Helden”.
    A British spy falls into the hands of two SS officers and is interrogated and turned into their sexual plaything.
    I think it’s still possible to find it on the internet, but it’s quite expensive, and hard to find.
    It’s quite a good read if you’re into this kind of thing: discipline, canings, whippings, forced sex, and historically-accurate uniforms.


    * Bookseller: Alta-Glamour Inc. US (US)
    * Bookseller Inventory #: 53470
    * Publisher: Nordisk Bladcentral A/S
    * Place: Copenhagen
    * Date published: 1970
    * Keywords: caning, flagellation, pornography, Danish, German

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