Nazi With A Whip

A friend once told me she knew someone who believed that all BDSM porn involves “Nazi scenarios”. Well, no. But the man with a swastica and a whip was not unheard of in those old “adventure” magazines for men, which were often illustrated in this style:

nazi with a whip

Me, I’m thinking “Hey, I want a whip like that.”

Update: There was an interesting debate in the comments about sexualized Nazi imagery when this picture got reposted to ErosBlog.

  1. Dave commented on May 3rd, 2006:

    Well, she took his hat, she has it coming!!

  2. Tess commented on May 7th, 2006:

    LOL…me, I’m thinking “You don’t spell swastika like that”. (That’s editors for you.)
    But seriously, I loved the picture, and would probably have devoured the book, no matter how trashy, even though I suspect the impact of the picture is very different for a European than for an American. But hey, it was all a very long time ago….

    Can I put in a plea for (just the very occasional?) link to ageplay/schoolgirl-related stuff? I visit your site nearly every day, and love it, even tho’ I rarely comment (when perhaps I should, in praise), and obviously I don’t expect you to ever to change the focus of your blog to suit your readers….but should you happen across the odd age-play/school/old English site that is worth a visit, I would certainly be glad of directions!

    All the best to you and Bethie

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