Paddling Mika Tan

It all started when I found this grainy old black-and-white paddling .gif from Tumblr starring Mika Tan, who did about 50 scenes for about twenty years ago:

Mika Tan takes a hard leather paddle spanking

When I tracked the .gif down, I found out it comes from a gritty BDSM spanking scene Mika did for Ian Rath’s Fetish Nation, a site that was a BDSM porn landmark for a couple of decades before it went defunct in 2019 or so. Despite the age of the shoot, I did manage to find a couple of also-grainy-but-at-least-in-color stills from the same paddling scene:

Mika Tan on her hands and knees getting spanked with a leather paddle -- video screenshot

grainy still photo of Mika Tan kneeling on an old fashioned bed that's piled high with bondage rope

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Caned, Paddled, And Cattle-Prodded

In Bound And Marked, Sonia Harcourt is doing her first-ever shoot for and they are making sure it’s a memorable one for her:

Sonia Harcourt bent over in a steel pipe pillory and spanked with a thick wooden yardstick paddle

cattle prod electrosex torment for Sonia and her welted bottom

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Caned At

As we have discussed previously, we can’t routinely rely on to include impact play in their kinky photo shoots, but in recent years they have upped their game considerably and it’s much more common than it used to be. This bondage caning is a great example:

tied with leather shackles over a steel pipe caning station for a hard cane punishment and forced orgasms

Lana Analise is said to be starring here in her first professional BDSM shoot, and they did not go easy on her:

vivid caning welts and a closeup view of a post-orgasmic hot wet sticky pussy

Photos are from Lana the Pain Slut. PS: There’s a half-price sale for the Memorial Day weekend if your subscription needs renewing. memorial day sale banner 2024

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Anal Under The Crop

There are a few things that a good girl may be reluctant to do, especially if she’s shy and had a conservative upbringing. But a few brisk whacks with a riding crop can create a powerful incentive!

after he spanks her pussy several times with his riding crop, he slowly works his cock up her ass while she reluctantly submits to his anal sex ambitions

Photo is from Maria Bellucci Submits, which is a Sex And Submission shoot at from back in 2008.

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Pleasure And Pain Are In The Bag

You know it’s hot and stuffy in the heavy plastic bag, and once the bursts of pleasure and pain start alternating, Tia Ling probably can’t tell whether she’s coming or going. But we can tell; there’s no going anywhere for our bondage heroine, whereas that powerful vibrator should ensure plenty of coming:

woman in a plastic bag being caned and forced to orgasm with a Hitachi

Photo is from Bound In The Bag at

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Shackled Over A Spanking Block

When she’s got a long hard spanking coming, there’s no reason not to secure her very well first:

Angelina Moon long hard bondage spanking

From the shoot Too Much To Handle at

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Orgy Spanking

I don’t know much about the BDSM orgy that filmed for this shoot, but the spanking bench is a fine piece of dungeon furniture and the oak spanking stick (just that much thicker and narrower than a yardstick) looks tailor-made for getting a spankee’s full and complete attention:

woman kneeling at a spanking bench during a BDSM orgy

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