Paddled Purple

That bottom looks like it was sore before this paddling ever started. Recidivism, man, it’s not for the faint of heart:

looking unhappily over her shoulder at the heavy leather paddle

purple spanking bruises from a harsh leather paddle spanking

Photos are from Firm Hand Spanking and the model is Shannon Carson.

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  1. Fr. commented on January 19th, 2022:

    Love the paddle. Maybe a stupid question, but where can I get one? Seems like whenever I’ve searched for “leather paddle,” I’ve ended up with flimsy slappers.

  2. SpankBoss commented on January 19th, 2022:

    To my eye, that looks like custom or small-batch artisanal work, with years of wear on it. So, odds are, if you could track down Alebeard and ask him where he got it, and he could remember, the source would no longer be available. Close to twenty years ago Bethie and I got a bunch of really nice hand-made heavy leather paddles and straps from a gentleman named John who sold under the name Leather Thorn. (He is long gone from the web.) These remind me of his work, but clearly are not, based on stylistic differences. Today if I were looking for a heavy leather paddle of comparable quality to the one Alebeard is wielding here, I would start on Etsy, looking for small-scale kinky crafters. Buy something pre-made, then if you like it, start ordering custom work from that artisan. I just now did an Etsy search on “heavy leather paddle” and see several very likely candidates on the first page alone. Good luck!

  3. Fr. commented on January 27th, 2022:

    This is all very helpful, thank you!

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