Paddling Mika Tan

It all started when I found this grainy old black-and-white paddling .gif from Tumblr starring Mika Tan, who did about 50 scenes for about twenty years ago:

Mika Tan takes a hard leather paddle spanking

When I tracked the .gif down, I found out it comes from a gritty BDSM spanking scene Mika did for Ian Rath’s Fetish Nation, a site that was a BDSM porn landmark for a couple of decades before it went defunct in 2019 or so. Despite the age of the shoot, I did manage to find a couple of also-grainy-but-at-least-in-color stills from the same paddling scene:

Mika Tan on her hands and knees getting spanked with a leather paddle -- video screenshot

grainy still photo of Mika Tan kneeling on an old fashioned bed that's piled high with bondage rope

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Brutal Pussy Spanking Movie:

Detention House 2: Collective Punishment Extreme

three girls tied with their legs up for brutal spanking punishment
"...the girls are strapped to the bare military metal beds in an extreme position, with their feet by their heads, spread wide, so their butts, pussies and anuses are fully accessible..."