Two Blondes Punished… And Enjoyed

If this man had a thought bubble over his head, it would say something like “Well, I didn’t expect this day to turn out so well when I woke up this morning!”

punished blondes bent over a school desk for caning and fucking

If you’re like me, you see a photo like that and you just know that in the next one, the skirts will be gone, he’ll be buried balls-deep in one of the girls, and he’ll have a cane in his hand.

In actuality: excellent guess!

Another thing I was right about: He does a very very thorough job of punishing and enjoying these girls.

Pictures courtesy of Sex and Submission.

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  1. vixievamp commented on March 18th, 2011:

    I looove the way his hand is on her neck/throat holding her down!!!! That is so hot!

  2. RC commented on December 22nd, 2014:

    vixievamp is correct. His hand on her neck gives her plenty of time to notice and contemplate how large and strong his hand is. It adds to her dread of the punishment to come.

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