Spanking Novel Vocabulary Fail

In the domestic discipline novel “Luke’s Rogue Bride” by Rayanna Jamison, there’s a hilarious failure of vocabulary:

Unafraid, she carefully bent prostate over the bed, positioning her hips over the wide pillows so that her bottom stuck up in the air level with Luke’s waist. She grabbed the pillow that was for her head and wrapped her arms around it tightly, rather than burying her face in it as she might have any other day.

Of course “prostate” is a common if usually hilarious typo for “prostrate”, but in this case, even if we do the charitable correction on the fly as we read, it still doesn’t work. Prostrate means to lay facedown and flat; you cannot be bent over a bed, or over pillows, or have your bottom “stuck up in the air”. This is almost as much fun as the authors who don’t know the difference between “prone” and “supine”.

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  1. Norse Cavalier commented on February 17th, 2024:

    That’s funny! Is it worth reading apart from that?

    One typo I see far too often (in blog posts and stories, not published novels, fortunately) is “canned”. No, they were probably not canned at school.

  2. SpankBoss commented on February 17th, 2024:

    The book itself, and the series it’s a part of, was a little bit interesting. I’d call it a domestic discipline romance novel, with the twist that it was set in a polygamous community in Utah, so the plot driver was in part the conflict between sister wives. The actual spanking content perhaps a bit tame, and the sex (always marital!) likewise, but the books offer a refreshingly-intelligent treatment of that emotionally tricky interface between consent and punishment that every DD novel must grapple with.

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