An Irving Klaw Whip Mistress

It’s amazing how much of this “clean” fully-clothed fetish porn Irving Klaw sold by mail order, back in the day. This whip mistress just is one of oh-so-very many:

irving klaw photo jj-24 featuring a whip mistress femdom dominatrix in lingerie and throwing a whip

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  1. Fr. commented on February 16th, 2024:

    I have a lingerie fetish, so of course I’m analyzing this beautiful photograph carefully. But I can’t tell which of these is true:

    1) Garter belt worn under panties.
    2) Garter belt worn over panties, but you can’t see the garter belt because the color is the same and there’s not enough contrast.
    3) No garter belt. The straps are built in to the panties (and are just part of the same garment).

    Maybe I should analyze this using a different screen, and with high-tech forensic equipment as well.

  2. SpankBoss commented on February 16th, 2024:

    By all means, there can never be enough forensic analysis of vintage lingerie!

    I’m not an expert … in fact my lingerie vocabulary is very limited, so I try to refrain from anything but generalities in my post descriptions … but I think you omitted the possibility that the top of the garters has a buttonhole that attaches to a button on the panties for that purpose. Also, given the substantial nature of the panties, I wonder if they aren’t closer to being what I’ve seen described as a pantie girdle?

  3. Fr. commented on February 18th, 2024:

    Excellent point about the garters possibly being entirely separate entities. And I agree that it’s likely a pantie girdle, since the garment seems to be fairly thick. (It’s also high-waisted, but then again, so are vintage full briefs.) It make sense for such a garment to have an option to remove garters, sort of like those modern bras with removable straps.

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