An Authentic Spanking Blowjob

Blowjobs and spankings go very well together, but usually the blowjob comes before (in an attempt to reduce the severity of punishment) or after (in an attempt to demonstrate the sincerest contrition). Actually spanking someone while your cock is in their mouth is surely a power move, but it depends for its success upon a great deal of trust in the spankee/sucker — not only in their submissive goodwill but also in their physical self-control. And thus, it’s rarely seen. But “rarely” is not the same as “never”:

spanking blowjob

This photo shows us Mickey Mod spanking Trina Weena while his cock is in Trina’s mouth, in the shoot Wet For Worship at Collective Corruption.

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Sarah Silverman Talks Spanking With David Letterman

Back in 1010 I posted about this spanking conversation Sarah Silverman had with David Letterman, but in those days it wasn’t as easy (and I didn’t know how) to find, process, and publish short videos. I’m slow, but I do learn:


I go to go into the shower, and I hear my mother scream “Sarah, what is that?”

And I look in the mirror behind me, and I noticed that on my tushy is a bruise. The exact shape of a hand. A human hand. And I was able to just say “I am sleeping with a man that spanks me. It might be that.”

Mom was like, “Well, did it hurt?” And I was like, “You know what, mom? I’m usually so high…”

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Drop Those Panties For Your Paddling

Humiliation and degradation is not my BDSM kink, so I would never call someone a “useless sex toy”, unless, I suppose, they had requested it very politely. But Useless Sex Toy is indeed the title of the shoot at whence came these photos of panties coming down for a paddling with a well-used leather paddle:

panties down and bent over for her leather paddle punishment

spanked hard with a big black well-worn leather paddle

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Rock Beats Scissors, Cane Beats Ass

I love these “we’re bored so we’re gonna gamble for who gets the hardest cane stroke we can deliver” videos:

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Paddling Mika Tan

It all started when I found this grainy old black-and-white paddling .gif from Tumblr starring Mika Tan, who did about 50 scenes for about twenty years ago:

Mika Tan takes a hard leather paddle spanking

When I tracked the .gif down, I found out it comes from a gritty BDSM spanking scene Mika did for Ian Rath’s Fetish Nation, a site that was a BDSM porn landmark for a couple of decades before it went defunct in 2019 or so. Despite the age of the shoot, I did manage to find a couple of also-grainy-but-at-least-in-color stills from the same paddling scene:

Mika Tan on her hands and knees getting spanked with a leather paddle -- video screenshot

grainy still photo of Mika Tan kneeling on an old fashioned bed that's piled high with bondage rope

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A Stanton Dominatrix

Here’s an Eric Stanton dominatrix artwork I had not seen before. As the caption indicates, she appeared in a 1962 issue of Exotica magazine:

dominatrix with a leather and whalebone cane style whip

The stuffed and padded and laced heart that she wears tucked under a few shreds of her rubber dress in lieu of panties or other lingerie? That’s a typical Stanton over-the-top fashion choice.

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Fun With Daddy’s Belt

Conditioning is very powerful. I will never grow tired of women who have learned to eroticize a man’s belt:


My husband came home from work and snapped his belt behind my head, and I moaned. I moaned loud!

My 15 year old dropped her chicken nugget, screamed “Pervert!” and ran into her bedroom, with the dogs following and barking at her.

Now my 5 year old and my 8 year old are sitting at the table having an argument as to why belts are perverted, and what is a pervert, and why is Bonnie acting weird, and why did Mommy make that noise?

Oh God, Jesus take the wheel! I can’t explain this one. I can’t explain my way out of this one.

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