He’s Holding That Hairbrush Wrong

It’s amazing how many artists and cartoonists back in the day didn’t seem to understand that you spank a woman’s bottom with the hard flat back of the hairbrush, not the bristle side:

artwork of an otk hairbrush spanking with the bristle side of the brush

Artist signature is “LRS” which doesn’t mean anything to me. We have some readers who can probably supply the artist’s name for us in the comments.

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Lesbian Hairbrush Spanking

This pair of vintage lesbian hairbrush spanking photos might be from Irving Klaw’s extensive catalog of mail order kinky photosets:

two photos of lesbians in fancy lingerie having a spanking session

Ooh, here’s another one from the same photoset!

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A Kiss Before Her Punishment

Since there are no whip or birch marks on her bottom, I can only assume that our unfortunate miss has been stripped for punishment and her disciplinarian is kissing and fondling her to reassure her that she is loved, punishment notwithstanding:

kissing and fondling a naked woman who is about to be whipped with a martinet and a birch

Artwork is by Fontana (Léo Fontan) and is an illustration from Le Pensionnat De Madame Clerval (1933).

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Lesbian Spanking Cooperation

Back in 2019 I posted this vintage image of two semi-nude lesbians double-teaming a third woman with an over-their-knees spanking on a long couch. Here’s another from the same photoset:

panties-down otk spanking from two lesbians

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All About Richard Manton

If you have ever enjoyed the severe noncon corporal punishment scenes in the erotic books written by pseudonymous author Richard Manton, you’re sure to find something useful in this comprehensive bibliography of his work, along with all that is known about the likely person behind the pseudonym:

There is good reason to believe that the author of the Richard Manton is the English writer, historian, poet and novelist Donald Serrell Thomas.

Donald Thomas’s extensive output includes works of social history, criticism, poetry and translation. He is an acknowledged expert on Victorian England with The Victorian Underworld amongst his history books. As a novelist he has written three series of about fictional detectives in Victorian times as well as pastiches of Sherlock Holmes adventures.

As a biographer he has written, significantly with regard to the Manton persona, a biography of the poet Swinburne, a noted Victorian flagellant. In 1968 Odyssey Press published Summer in the Country his translation of a 19th century French epistolary novel between two lesbian lovers.

In the middle seventies he published a series of crime novels, under the pseudonym of Francis Selwyn, about the cases of a Sergeant Verity set in the 1850’s and 1860’s. These are well written and entertaining stories in the historical crime genre and show his considerable knowledge of the Victorian milieu, particularly concerning the criminal undergrowth. While these novels are not erotica, some of Richard Manton’s characters appear in the Verity stories with the exact names and characteristics as in the erotic works.

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Caned, Paddled, And Cattle-Prodded

In Bound And Marked, Sonia Harcourt is doing her first-ever shoot for Kink.com and they are making sure it’s a memorable one for her:

Sonia Harcourt bent over in a steel pipe pillory and spanked with a thick wooden yardstick paddle

cattle prod electrosex torment for Sonia and her welted bottom

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Spanked In A Hobble Skirt

In the world of Irving Klaw’s BDSM fetish photographs, being tightly cinched inside a leather sensory-deprivation hood, full-length arm binder, and skin-tight hobble skirt won’t save you from a well-deserved spanking:

Stern woman in lingerie is hand spanking another woman who is encased in tightly-laced leather bondage gear

No extra charge for the high heels!

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