Vocabulary Word Of The Day: Lubricious

If you haven’t encountered this word, it’s one of those two-meaning affairs. Simply and literally, it means “well-lubricated”. But as if that weren’t sexy enough, it can also mean something like “wanton” or “lecherous” or, more specifically, “displayed in a wanton or lecherous manner”. Dictionaries differ. But it’s a very useful sex word that you need to know.

However, some of you need a picture for optimal learning. Here’s the dictionary definition of lubricious, in a picture. Don’t worry, spankos; that bottom has been well whipped and caned. And also, well lubricated. And also, well-displayed in a wanton and lecherous manner. Lubricious, oh my yes.

Found in this Training of O shoot.

  1. Kalika commented on June 28th, 2012:

    Wow I have a new favourite word now! It even has a tasty, dripping sort of sound to it. The word ‘haggard’ used to mean tomboyish or promiscuous/wanton. I’ve read a couple of your other posts and I really like your blog, it’s kinda funny as well as sexy. It’s better than mine anyway. I’m not much experienced with spanking but I’ve sold my virginity and hope to acquire more experience from my buyer (we are both switches, so it works out great!)

  2. Maren commented on June 29th, 2012:

    My husband has a new favorite word now too. :) And here my mind went straight to: I hope they have a shower at that studio. I’ve never been oiled up and I’m probably about to show my ignorance, but imagine trying to put pants on with that much oil on your skin. Wouldn’t the cloth would stick to your welts, making it that much worse when you walk? Also, wouldn’t the fabric soak up the oil and become splotchy, showing to one and all that you either sat down on something greasy or that you’ve been a very naughty and/or adventurous girl? I wonder if being oiled up makes a spanking/caning worse.

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