Mouthsoaping Bailey

In another nod to the Spanking Blog contingent that also enjoys other ways of punishing recalcitrant young ladies, here’s an excellent series of facial shots from Spanking Bailey, in which Bailey gets a bar of soap placed in her mouth:

bailey gets a mouthsoaping

bar of soap in her mouth

mouth soaping punishment for bailey

foul mouthed teen bailey gets mouthsoaped

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  1. Midnight commented on October 12th, 2012:

    I wonder how much time elapsed between when she was told she was in trouble and when she was made to take the soap in her mouth. If it were a male she could certainly find a way out of the soap, but this cruel bitch wants her nose to feel the faint burning of soap bubbles.

    Might it be better to take a man than this bar of soap?

  2. lather lover commented on April 1st, 2013:

    Poor Bailey opened wide for this softened bar of what looks like glycerine soap,this was followed by a thorough spanking.Bailey looked like that she was actually in tears.

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