Emma’s Mouth Soap Spanking Ordeal

I just came across a handful of mouthsoaping and spanking pictures that I think some of you will really enjoy. These are from Bad Tushy, where, it would appear, sweet Emma has let her foul mouth write a ticket her ass cannot cash. Out comes the bar of soap and the vigorous lecture:

a spanking and a bar of soap

Then, soap still in mouth, it’s time for her OTK spanking:

pulled over the knee for a spanking

It looks like there’s a very one-sided conversation taking place as her spanking continues. The bar of soap is looking a little ragged, too:

mouthsoaping and spanking

Yup, it’s definitely getting a little soggy and soft around the edges:

her eyes are getting wild over that soggy bar of soap

Even after the spanking is over, the mouthsoaping is not. Emma is “allowed” to kneel and think things over. Does she look sorry to you? I’m thinking she’s still got trouble in her eyes:

kneeling with soap in her mouth to consider her misdeeds

Sadly for this photoshoot I don’t have a free sample gallery to show you. But, if you were to actually join Bad Tushy, you’d find that there are more than 160 photos in this one sequence alone.

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  1. camaykid commented on November 21st, 2009:

    Would love to see these reshot with lots more lather. Make the bar and her mouth really sudsy, bubbles drooling from her lower lip, her face covered in creamy suds

  2. chris commented on June 30th, 2011:

    do you have this on dvd for sale

  3. SpankBoss commented on July 1st, 2011:

    Sorry, Chris. If anybody has this on video, it would be Bad Tushy, and I am not aware that they have ever sold their stuff on DVDs. You would probably need to buy a subscription.

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