A Well-Appointed Spanking

In this hi-res gallery from Lupus Spanking, two poshly-uniformed schoolgirls are summoned into a well-furnished office for individual spankings at the hands of a well-dressed young headmaster type fellow. All in all, it must be a fairly high-class institution they are attending!

I think the wise “Owl of Minerva” attending the proceedings in the first photo is a classy touch:

posh schoolgirl spanked until her bottom is red and sore

“Young lady, you’re clearly becoming overheated. Remove the remainder of your clothing so we may complete your punishment!

posh schoolgirl forced to strip off all her clothes

Now she is wondering what he is doing back there…

naked schoolgirl waiting nervously for her spanking to resume

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  1. Jonathan Knight commented on January 6th, 2011:

    Office desks are very useful for the modern multi-tasking person :)

  2. calliope commented on January 6th, 2011:

    mmmmmmm…I LIKE that new headmaster!

  3. She’s Contrite…But Still, Spanked - Spanking Blog commented on February 10th, 2011:

    […] saw another Lupus Spanking in this headmaster’s study last month. But this girl looks much more sorry, even contrite, about whatever her special crimes […]

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before and after brutal caning photo
"...and then the spanking starts. Brutal, totally uncompromising. You have never heard screams and shrieks as terrible as these..."