Los Angeles Spanking Party, 1970s…NOT

Zille Defeu has laboriously scanned and posted a hilarious and highly suspect article from a 1970s fetish contact magazine claiming to document spanking parties of the era. It reads like the bad fiction it probably is, but it’s enormously entertaining:

We all met in each other’s houses for coffee and drinks, and it was soon established that we all had been initiated into our sorority at college with a ceremony which included a paddling.

We decided to form a coffee club, and it was agreed that membership should be restricted to those willing to accept a spanking as part of the initiation. A small committee was formed. They issued invitations to all those who, would not only be co-operative, but had-suitable figures as well.

The invitations stated that jeans would be worn, but no underpants. The person’s own paddle had to be brought to the ceremony. The first meeting was held at my house, and in readiness I had cleared all the furniture to one side in the’ lounge.

It was agreed that, to get things moving, the members of the small elected committee would initiate themselves, and then they would initiate all the others. Each member of the committee in turn then bent over than grasped her ankles, while the paddle rose and fell across the tightly stretched jeans some five times.

This over, the rest of the party were lined up facing the wall and told to bend over and grasp their ankles as they had seen the committee members do, and were told that in no circumstances were they to move from that position until told to do so, on the pain of being expelled from all future activities of the Club.

It was quite a colourful sight to see the well-shaped bottoms suitably covered in a variety of tight jeans. The committee members then proceeded down the line, administering five swats to each bottom as they passed. Although there were a lot of oo’s and aah’s, and one or two yells of obvious pain, nobody moved. The ceremony over, everyone was told to stand up. Immediately, on all sides, the girls were rubbing their bottoms hard.

One girl rushed out, saying she was going to cool off in the shower. She was soon stripped off and cooling her fiery red bottom. This was the signal for everyone else to follow suit, and soon there was a queue of naked women at the two shower rooms. Their bottoms presented an array of colour from pink to deep crimson. When all had cooled the fire in their bottoms, we sat around in the lounge and had coffee and discussed the modus operandi for the future.

We all agreed that the ceremony had brought back memories, but also agreed that since our college days our bottoms had become soft, except for those of us whose husbands spanked them regularly. It was decided that at each coffee date a spanking session would take place.

There’s more, oh so much more. Thanks, Zille!

  1. Zille Defeu commented on January 4th, 2011:

    So very much my pleasure, SpankBoss!

    I’m really delighted you enjoyed it. :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Suburban Spanking Party Bondage – Bondage Blog commented on January 5th, 2011:

    […] today I am scrambling to catch up with some posts of interest. And one thing I notice right away is this post at Spanking Blog linking to Zille Defeu and her kinky magazine article about spanking parties in […]

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